Common Uses For A Forklift Truck

There are many uses for a forklift truck, more than one might think at first glance. From recycling centres and dumping grounds to warehouses and construction sites, there are many ways in which the forklift can be used due to its versatility.

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Of course, before using a forklift at all, it’s important to get forklift truck training to make the most out of the vehicle while ensuring safety. Accredited training providers such as may be able to offer some assistance.

To learn more about the importance of being trained in health and safety when driving a forklift truck, this article may prove useful.

Recycling Centres

Forklifts are commonly used in recycling centres to move compressed piles of material from one place to another and discard loose materials that are too heavy to move without assistance. They mostly move bales consisting of paper with the forks.

Construction Sites

In most construction sites, a forklift or two will typically be spotted. Their main use is to load and unload heavy materials and move them to where they need to be. Forklift trucks made for rough terrain can transfer building materials over uneven or bumpy ground with little trouble.


There are countless uses for forklifts in warehouses. They are mostly used to take large, heavy items from place to place and to move them on or off the higher shelves.

Forklifts are more versatile than many of the other vehicles used for similar purposes, as they can go both low and high when lifting materials. In addition, they can take more weight than most vehicles and, in some instances, tilt to maintain the stability of heavier materials.

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Loading Docks

Forklifts are commonly used at loading or shipping docks, mostly for slipping the fork into pallets to load and unload them. Forklift trucks are able to pick up many materials without pallets as well. One of the most convenient uses for the forklift on a loading dock is the ability to drive it directly to the back of a truck to either take away or deposit a load.