8 Essential oils that keep insects away naturally     

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Essential oils that remove insects naturally, there are many. Indeed, to repel insects without hurting them, nothing better than these concentrated oils extracted from plants! They are effective and natural. In fact, they have no negative effect on your health or the environment, while protecting you from insect bites such as mosquitoes or bees.

Indeed, the approach of sunny days, we tend to suffer much more from insect bites but also other annoyances that go with the noise. Some of us suffer from more insect phobias. It may be important to find ways to cure insect bites while preserving them. In fact, aerosols sold in stores are often harmful to the environment and for our health. And then, why kill these little animals when they can be removed without hurting them?

Here we write details 8 essential oils

1. Neem oil

One of the essential oils that remove insects naturally most effective? Neem oil. Of Indian origin, this oil has many properties. It is known to be good for the skin and hair and even grow these faster. However, that’s not all! Neem oil also repels most insects! All you need is to know how to use it: and it’s easy!

essential oilsIndeed, neem oil has anti-insect properties. By applying it to his hair, for example, you can get rid of lice, or prevent their appearance. Similarly, applying a few drops at the wrists, neck, and ankles can repel insects such as mosquitoes. By doing this, one reduces one’s chances of being stung. It’s extremely efficient and simple! You may continue reading: 5 Tips for a natural healthy garden

2. Peppermint

Peppermint smells good, but that’s not all! It also makes it possible to make the insects flee in two phases! And it works for all types of insects! If you are afraid of spiders or want to be overwhelmed by ants at home, nothing like it! Simply soak cotton pieces of this oil and place them under your bed and in your cupboards for example.

If you want to keep away insects that tend to come close to you and your skin, apply a little peppermint on his skin by mixing it with water and making a spray. Use the spray on the parts of your skin that will be exposed (avoiding the face since the eyes are sensitive). Once done, you will notice that you will no longer suffer from mosquito bites!

3. Cedar essential oil

essential oilsCedar essential oil is also one of the essential oils that help keep insects away. It is especially effective when it comes to protecting you from ticks and insects that crawl everywhere. To use it, simply mix 10 drops of cedar essential oil to a quarter cup of base oil (to make a mixture that can be applied to the skin). Apply the mixture to your skin to repel all insects. The smell is nice enough. You can buy them in stores such as Aroma Zone for example.

4. Lemongrass

Lemongrass is also one of the essential oils that keep insects away naturally. Lemongrass is considered a real tool for getting rid of insects, especially mosquitoes. It is possible to buy in store bracelets soaked with lemongrass to avoid mosquito bites as this product is effective. The mode of operation of lemongrass is also quite different from that of other essential oils.

It is not the smell of lemongrass itself that repels insects. What really repels them is the fact that the smell of lemongrass masks the odors that attract insects. For mosquitoes, the smell of skin and blood for example. Its effectiveness is great and scientifically proven. However, it can be difficult to get used to the smell of it. If we do not support it, we fall back to another essential oil.

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5. Geranium essential oil

essential oilsGeranium essential oil is also one of the essential oils that remove insects in a natural way. It is one of the most effective oils to repel a wide variety of insects. It is effective on mosquitoes, cockroaches, ants, flies and even ticks. How to use this one? Just mix a few drops of this oil in a large bottle of water.

Use this spray mixture in all places where you notice the presence of these insects. If you are looking to avoid bites, apply some of this oil to your wrists, neck, and ankles. You should notice that insects will really start to avoid you! There’s nothing better than being able to expose yourself without fear of itching from mosquito bites, right?

6. The essential oil of lavender

Lavender essential oil has many incredible properties. It is one of the essential oils that keep insects away naturally. It not only helps to calm the nerves or allow better sleep but actually repels many unpleasant insects. To keep insects away from you, mix the oil with water and use this spray mixture at home for better efficiency.

If you want to use lavender essential oil to ward off a specific type of insect, such as mosquitoes that are fond of your blood, apply the oil directly to your skin. We pay attention since its smell can be quite strong and heady. This is to apply one to two drops lightly to obtain the effectiveness of the oil without the smell is too strong and difficult to bear.

7. Vetiver essential oil

essential oilsThe essential oil of vetiver is less known than the others. However, it is one of the essential oils that remove the most effective insects. Sprayed in the air, it has the effect of repelling the toughest mosquitoes in the distance. In addition, it helps to relax and calm down. We do not hesitate to use it as often as possible at home! The effect is more than surprising, and it feels really good! No need to worry about mosquito bites! And then, relaxed, we do not worry anymore!

8. The tea tree: one of the essential oils that repel insects

Tea tree essential oil is also extremely effective when it comes to repelling insects. This oil is known for its many properties, whether it is the benefits of it on the skin of the one who uses it or its relaxing properties. However, it is also unbeatable for keeping insects away. Our advice? Use it at home thanks to a diffuser of scents.

If you do not have the option, then choose to dilute it in diluents base oil, and apply it directly to your skin to ward off all types of insects. This will prevent you from suffering from various insect bites and varied.

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And you, do you know of essential oils that keep insects away naturally?