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How to create a garden office

Now that the days of the pandemic finally seem to be over we can all really start to move on with our lives and try and get back to something normal. However, there are many of us that are not yet so willing to leave behind the working practices that we had to adopt in lockdown. One of the biggest effects was the requirement that we work from home. For many of us there is now no way we are going back on this. Employers have been forced to accept that when we used our homes as offices we might have realised that we preferred this way of working rather than all start going back to the office and having to commute everyday.

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However, it might be time to accept that rather than work in our homes a more dedicated work space might be more appropriate to find a more permanent space. One of the most interesting projects that you can do is turn a space in your garden over to somewhere that you can work in. It will need to be permanent and that’s where a Timber Frame Company like can be very handy to know about.

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Imagine a solid structure, serviced by a very good Wi-fi and top of the range laptop, linked to a monitor, and your bedroom or living room can soon be yours again for the reason it was intended for in the first place.

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