10 healthy food in the fridge for your family

food in the fridge

Having healthy food in the fridge for day and day is not easy. But what is simple is to have a few foods with which you can improvise a nutritious menu or satisfy hunger in times of weakness. That is why we have chosen 10 essentials food that cannot be missing in your ‘fridge background’.

Keep healthy food in the fridge

food in the fridge



This food is indispensable for three fundamental reasons: it provides an excellent source of proteins, minerals, and vitamins; it is very well preserved in the refrigerator (according to some studies, up to 10 weeks after the expiration date); and you can eat in many ways, alone or combined: cooked with water and oregano, fried, in tortilla, blanched…


Serrano ham is the perfect complement to a fried egg. The cooked ham puts the intense flavor to a sandwich and the turkey ham works great in green salads or pasta. You can call on him at any time of the day. In the morning, for example, a slice of bread with Serrano ham makes breakfast an unforgettable moment.

Onion and garlic

They are two but in most cases, they work as one. Sauces cannot be understood without them, nor can meat, fish or rice. As if that were not enough, they also add flavor to salads. But the best is its benefits: garlic favors the circulatory system and prevents inflammation, while onions are rich in essential nutrients and good for the kidneys.

food in the fridge


This citrus is, along with onion and garlic, the food that nutritionists recommend eating every day. How? Accompanying meats, fish or rice dishes; as a dressing for salads; or in a refreshing lemonade with water, sugar, and ice. The lemon promotes digestion, is diuretic and rich in vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that prevents degenerative diseases.

Hard skin fruit

Like apples, bananas or pomegranate. They last several days in the fridge and above all are healthy: bananas provide energy thanks to potassium and phosphorus, pomegranate is the product with more antioxidants that exists and the apple is so complete that an old English proverb says’ an apple a day Take the doctor away from your life. ‘They can be tasted alone, in salads of all kinds and in desserts.

food in the fridge


It has always been said that the carrot enhances the tan and improves the view, but this vegetable has many more qualities: it is invigorating, helps to prevent tumors, and strengthens the teeth … It can be eaten raw or cooked. Dressing salads, seasoning sauces, and carrot cake is a delight. Who does not want to keep this healthy food in the fridge?


As a base for biscuits, cakes and masses of all kinds; or in a glass with coffee, cocoa or just alone. Milk is one of the most complete foods: it provides proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins … to add on that, its high calcium content strengthens bones and promotes the formation of new tissues. That is why it is an indispensable food, too, in the diet of the little ones in the house.


This dairy derivative serves as a base for dough and desserts, and also for cooking when olive oil is lacking. In addition, butter saves breakfast or snack if we spread it on a slice of bread. Although it is a source rich in iodine and vitamin D, essential for bones, it should be consumed in moderate amounts due to its high-fat content.

food in the fridge


We all have this food in the fridge. It is indispensable both for its nutritional value and its versatility. The cheese provides calcium and phosphorus for bones and teeth, reduces chronic diseases and improves the cardiovascular system, among other virtues. It is very tasty and is good for salads, pasta, creams, sauces for meat, desserts, sandwiches … A slice of cheese in the middle of the afternoon satisfies hunger; while combined with egg and ham, two other essential foods, creates a delicious dinner.


And at the end of the day, nothing is better than a yogurt (natural or flavors). Provides vitamins and minerals, digests well and in many cases, lactose intolerant can eat it. In addition to being taken alone, it also adds flavor to salads.

With these 10 foods, you can eat healthy and rich without resorting to complicated recipes. And if you keep some fresh food in the fridge, you already have a reserve of ten.