Cheap Indoor and Outdoor Planters

A planter is not just a container for cut flowers, but is an accessory that furnishes the house and personalizes it. You can choose cheap indoor and outdoor planters form that best suits your environment.

How to choose a planter for flowers

When a touch of style and color is lacking in a home, it is possible to give it simply with a planter of flowers: a composition that is more or less large, monochromatic or with lots of shades, a long stemmed flower with a minimal aesthetic, or a large cheerful and colorful sunflower. Choose the right planter also based on the language of flowers.

For the choice of the planter it is essential to take into consideration the quantity of flowers, the type, and above all our aesthetic taste. Let’s find out how to choose the right planter for every occasion …

Painted ceramic planter

Generally, a family heirloom, passed on from generations, is hardly used to accept cut flowers for its preciousness, more easily accompanied by silk flowers, which allow to beautify without soiling. It adapts to the classic or rustic house, becoming an integral part of it.

Terracotta planter

Typically more classical and often seen in country houses, it has an important form of amphora and a significant weight. Precisely for this allows you to accommodate large bouquets without the risk of falling over!

Artistic planter in colored glass

This type is very elegant and delicate, with particular shapes and tones, usually made by hand. If we are lovers of art and personal and unique touch, this will do for us: a few flowers and in a candid color will allow to highlight its uniqueness and particularity thanks to the play of transparencies.

Modern planter

Simple, linear shapes, in white or colored ceramic, with few decorations, it adapts to any style. It is very practical and versatile cheap indoor planters, and chosen in two or three dimensions will allow you to choose each time, the size suitable for the flower or composition.

Minimal planter

Ideal for contemporary and essential homes, it is characterized by linear shapes that are easy to understand. Usually tubular or cubic, it allows to furnish with style the space, pleasantly pleasant if chosen in the composition of three pieces of different shapes and colors, to welcome cut flowers in pre-structured compositions.

Transparent planter

If we decide that the transparent planter is the one that best fits our space, we choose a composition with well-defined stems, since these will also be part of the aesthetic. In fact, we will see everything about the flower and the composition, from the stem to the corolla! Yes, then full-bodied flowers, like roses, calle, anturium: beautiful above, beautiful under water. A suggestion: in this case, every time the water is changed, we carefully wash the planter to avoid the formation of stagnation and mucilage which would ruin its aesthetics in transparency.

Single-flower planter

Suitable to accommodate a single flower, it is narrow and tall, or with broad support and striation in the middle. The choice of the flower in this case is really important, because he will be the protagonist: if the planter is minimal and without decorations, we can choose both a delicate and essential calla, and a nice and colorful sunflower. If instead the planter is decorated and particular, we focus on simplicity. An anturium will be the perfect flower.

Giant planter from the ground

This type can be both classical and traditional in an amphora style, strictly in decorated ceramics, but also modern and minimal for contemporary homes. In this case, the style of the house will determine the choice: the perfect flowers to complete this planter are instead important and long stem as the sterlizia for the monofiore, compositions of roses, orchids, lilies and giant daisies for the classical planters.

Finally, the ideal position: in a totally dedicated corner or on the side in a free wall, to give it maximum visibility.