Three Benefits to Drinking a Gallon of Water Every Single Day

In the olden days, talking ancient times here, thousands of people saw the benefits of clean water and sang its praises. Now there’s evidence that water isn’t magic, but it can certainly seem like it when look at the dozens of benefits to your health.

While the recommended amount of water is 8 8-ounce cups of water per day, there have been significant benefits noted [for adults] at a gallon of water consumed on a daily basis. Which is 16 8-ounce cups. It might seem difficult to drink that much but it’s something you can work your way up to—no rush.

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Here are some benefits to proper hydration:

Water Flushes Toxins and Wastes from Your Body to Ensure Overall Good Health

Your body is made up of over 70-percent water, as all of your cells operate better with proper hydration. When you give your body an overabundance of water, it’s like a natural filtration system that replaces the old water with new. This flushes toxins and other waste and debris from your body, promoting overall good health. And when your body feels good, your mind follows [more about that on benefit three].

Excellent Hydration Can Combat Depression and Anxiety, Sharpen Your Focus, and Clear Brain Fogginess

Dehydration is basically a build-up of toxins and wastes within your body, which also negatively affects your mind because those toxins have nowhere to go. Hence, when you hydrate your body, you provide combative conditions to depression, anxiety, and other mental dilemmas. This help you sharpen your focus, clear brain fogginess, and regain keenness in mental dexterity and positive mood.

Plenty of Water Cleanses Cells to Help You Maintain a Healthy Weight and Clear Your Complexion

You’ve heard the term “water weight.” When water sits in your cells for extended periods of time, it gathers the toxins that ebb and flow through your body. This causes inflammation and attributes to the swell that could make your weight fluctuate in a bad direction. As you rehydrate, your body cleanses and replaces the water in your cells, helping you maintain a healthier, happier weight.