Preventing Winter Garden Problems

Over the winter, the garden is one of the parts of the home that can become damaged. The weather throughout the winter can cause all sorts of problems in the garden, so before it arrives, it is a good idea to make preparations so that your garden stands a good chance of weathering the winter storms.

Flooding is a risk in certain areas of the country, and it can often be something that arrives with little warning. Preparing for flooding is important if you are in an area with a higher flood risk – make sure that you don’t have any problems with drains and have a supply of sandbags to hand to help you in case you need to use them.

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Strong winds can cause havoc, and, in the garden, they are capable of moving even heavy objects around. Another risk of strong winds is the fact that they can fell trees and knock down fences. Before it gets to winter, it is a good idea to make sure that you get trees checked by a professional tree surgeon, and if you have any damaged fencing in the garden, get someone like this fencing Gloucester based company to repair or replace broken fencing.

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The falling autumn leaves can quickly cause all sorts of problems in the garden – from blocking gutters and drains to being a slipping hazard. However, cleaning them up regularly and composting them means that you and your plants will benefit.