If you are vegetarian, these are the best cities for eating out

The vegetarian diet – and its most restrictive variant, the vegan – has been gaining followers year after year and because of the large number of people who choose to sideline animal products, gradually the world of restoration has adapted. For some, this adaptation has been little more than offer boring salads and dishes with little grace, but many have gone further, devising proposals that have nothing to envy their counterparts carnivorous. Today we travel through the cities where you can better eat any vegetarian. Continue reading “If you are vegetarian, these are the best cities for eating out”


Exercising does not counteract the effects of spending much time sitting: learn to solve

Make exercise regularly is a totally good practice if we want health care for all its aspects and although it represents an antidote to many diseases, not counteract the effects of spending a lot of time sitting.

The effects of spending a lot of time sitting

The sedentary lifestyle is evil today that undoubtedly harms the health of the body, but even if we think that we are not indentations because we train one hour a day, we know that spending too much time sitting pose a risk to the body.

It is known to spend many hours sitting increases the risk of disease from any cause but subs is made or regularly, and a new study confirms that the Sedentary time is responsible for a higher morbidity and mortality associated with cardiovascular disease. Continue reading “Exercising does not counteract the effects of spending much time sitting: learn to solve”


Cake of bread, ham and cheese… renovated classic recipe!

We all have culinary memories. Some more than others, but all have. Mine are many and that is, as has always interested me gastronomy, my memory has been commissioned to cherish without skimping space. One is the cake of bread, ham and cheese.

I remember the day my mother prepared for the first time. He did it for dinner, in a gas oven, temperamental and unpredictable, that night behaved well and rewarded us with a cake of bread, ham and cheese that I made my delight. Today I have felt prepare for my family, renewing the classic recipe, and thus it has become attractive. Continue reading “Cake of bread, ham and cheese… renovated classic recipe!”

risk of being replaced by a robot

How much do I charge by the hour not to be at risk of being replaced by a robot?

Industrial robots, dispatchers and even surgeons. Progress in this field makes that more and more tasks that can be performed by robots and almost without the human touch in the process, speaking both mechanical robots and bots at the software level, and that opens a dangerous melon: the of no need for jobs. Especially if you know what a company financially compensated.

As expected, there are studies that seek to estimate how it will affect the expansion of robotics and autonomous systems in general, one of them the performing and the University of Oxford in 2013. A study whose conclusions are supported with which he has taken recently the Council of Economic Advisors of America (CEA), in which report reaches estimate which occupations are more likely to be automated according to the hourly wage. While you calculate how many dollars, you produce when we tell you what they have estimated. Continue reading “How much do I charge by the hour not to be at risk of being replaced by a robot?”

tips to recover from emotional pain2

12 tips to recover from emotional pain

Pain is because he is trying to tell us something. Basically I could say two things: that “would be more alive if we did more this” or that “life would be better if we did not do much this.” And according to Peter McWilliamsue, once we understand the pain message and follow his advice, the pain goes away. Continue reading “12 tips to recover from emotional pain”

Network brain

How to Train the Brain and Improve Concentration

As business owners have always lots of irons in the fire. Staying focused can be difficult in front of a steady stream of employees, customers, emails and phone calls that need your attention. Amid all this noise, understand the capabilities and limitations of your brain and the multitasking rules learning to work around, can help you improve your concentration and growing your productivity. Continue reading “How to Train the Brain and Improve Concentration”


Macedonia, the places you can not miss this great unknown

Wedged in the middle of the Balkans, the Republic of Macedonia is the great unknown that hides great wonders that are becoming a new tourist destination. Surrounded by Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece, Albania and Kosovo hides great treasures that are attracting crowds of visitors looking to history, nature and gastronomy. Macedonia begins to draw attention to the means of communication Americans.

Part of the former Yugoslavia until its independence in 1991 is a blend of civilizations in what we might call a crossroads of East and West. Very mountainous, with spectacular rivers and national parks are also full of culture because of their constant invasions and occupations by Persians, Romans and Ottoman Turks. These are the sites most visited. Continue reading “Macedonia, the places you can not miss this great unknown”


Attentive to these 4 tips: Essential details to “land” on the beach with advantage

It’s time to vacation and touched review that “maintenance” we conducted, almost without realizing it, for a while: exfoliation, waxing, the result of that cellulite has therefore promised a repository to the wicks, dye … it seems that everything is ready! And yet, the early days of beach are “scary” for most of us. Attentive to the most basic, sometimes we forget some other detail that in the worst case can become a real problem.

An example? Although I do not want to tan my face, I recognize that until we have a few days in contact with the sea breeze, my appearance leaves much to be desired. I am from passing through various shades, before getting a healthy tone, and my face is a poem. That is just one of the stumbling blocks I find in my first vacation days, those days that most got tired, disoriented and even in some cases, something foolish with our choices of care. Win this effect is the mission enjoy from the outset, the goal.

What I face! What do I do?

In addition, suddenly, we are deprived of “all” makeup product in the face during those days of transition towards a new look. Days, in most cases, meetings, meals, greetings, you would want to deal with right product in the circumstances.

This year I tried 182 Teint Compact SPF 50+ of Maria Galland, formulated for summer days. If you care about the imperfections, dark circles, this compact long -lasting makeup suits all skin tones and tans the skin gently. Color provides such a flattering, is so light and protects so well that it has become one of my essential. Just a hazard, its effect is so beautiful on the skin that ye may not do without it. Continue reading “Attentive to these 4 tips: Essential details to “land” on the beach with advantage”

Whatsapp and neck pain

Whatsapp and neck pain, is there a relationship between them?

A few months ago we received the news that WhatsApp, the messaging application par excellence, had already surpassed the barrier of one billion users, there is nothing. Billion users that check the more than 42,000 million messages sent daily, with his head bowed and eyes fixed on the screen of your phone. Can this habit lead to problems for our health?

Since the publication of the famous studio surgeon Kenneth K. Hansraj on the pressure receiving our neck when placed in the usual position to read or write to the mobile phone have run rivers of ink on whether the use of new technologies can make us more harm that well when we talk about our physical state. Let’s see if the use (and abuse) of the mobile phone is as bad as we have said it is. Continue reading “Whatsapp and neck pain, is there a relationship between them?”


A summer around the pool, everything you need to build your paradise

You have the pool, but if you want to create a paradise in your exterior, there are still some elements that you can include. From furniture to lighting, everything is important when configuring a good place for summer break. Here are some ideas, with which to prepare your pool for the best summers.

Areas to eat and relax

Besides giving you swims in the water, the pool area can be a great place to put outdoor furniture to eat. Breakfast, lunch, tea or dinner outdoor furniture made of different materials and styles. An interesting option is the sets of wicker or synthetic rattan that endure well outdoors, and can be complemented by striking textiles.

Wicker, natural or synthetic, is one of the most used, perhaps for that tropical touch featuring exterior materials, but others also give good results. From the lightweight aluminum through the wood or even wrought iron. Moreover, you can also find packages that mix several at once. Continue reading “A summer around the pool, everything you need to build your paradise”