Buying vs. Renting Catering Equipment: Which is Right for You?

If you require professional catering equipment for your small or large business, it is worth taking the time to establish which is better for you: renting or buying the equipment. By addressing the following points, you can determine your best options.

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As a caterer, time is of the essence and having the right equipment is essential for good time management, as well as achieving the required food and safety standards. Preparing fresh and delicious meals takes time, so having the right equipment will aid you in cooking faster and better.

By considering these points, you can come to your own conclusion over whether renting or buying equipment is a better choice for your catering needs.

Whether you’re a baker, a small café business or a large-scale catering firm, you will be faced with the same issues of determining what equipment is essential, what will help you manage your time more effectively, and what your budget can stretch to. All catering businesses will require a commercial fridge and a specialist company such as can provide a wide variety of choice, including other essential catering equipment.

Renting Equipment: Advantages

You can try out different equipment for your needs. Renting gives you access to equipment you may not be able to afford otherwise. Renting only when you require the equipment will help with cash flow.

Renting Equipment: Disadvantages

It works out more expensive over time than buying outright. Picking up and returning equipment can be time consuming and stressful. If a vendor lets you down with supply, it can negatively affect your business and reputation.

Buying Equipment: Advantages

Buying is the cheapest option in the long run. It is more convenient as you have everything to hand when you need it. Owning the equipment helps boost your business profile. You are in control and not reliant on others to provide your equipment. Buying in bulk can help with negotiating on price, and don’t forget the tax savings when buying catering equipment.

Buying Equipment: Disadvantages

Outright funding to purchase all necessary catering equipment can be huge.

Due to costs, most caters have an element of both buying and renting equipment for their business needs. If you buy, you can always rent out your equipment to other caterers when you’re not using it.


Keys to achieve better portraits by taking advantage of natural light

It is very common to consider that to get good photographs is necessary to have a great team, and although it is true that this helps, in general it is not necessary to have many means to obtain good results. This is the case for example of the portraits, a field in which modest means and knowing use of natural light is more than enough.

In fact natural light provides more natural results and even helps our relationship with the portrayed more fluid. Especially in the case that we want to portray someone who is not a professional model and who will surely feel much less intimidated than if he is surrounded by a flash gun. As if that were not enough, natural light is much cheaper and prevents us from having to deal with, or load, with complicated gadgets artificial lighting.

So let’s leave aside the idea of the portrait photographer in a studio with a team of flashes, umbrellas and light boxes and venture to use natural light taking advantage of all their possibilities, which are many. Therefore, in the following article we will tell you how to take advantage of natural light to make good portraits. Continue reading “Keys to achieve better portraits by taking advantage of natural light”

Origami lamps

Origami lamps that fall in love as much as sunny days in winter

Perhaps some of you may know no signature Anaquiños Paper (Small pieces of paper, in Galician). It is a brand created by Beatriz coruñesa, architect, and Cristina, a lawyer, two loving sisters and interior design one day about four years ago; they decided to apply origami elements in creating decorative.

With the design philosophy of responsible and sustainable manner, using materials and respectful environment papers, accessories and decorative details released now “Northern Lights” his first collection of paper lanterns inspired by the natural light of Galicia. Continue reading “Origami lamps that fall in love as much as sunny days in winter”

Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run, it is not the Mario of always, is one without brakes and with new challenges not easy

There are still mushrooms, bricks and coins, but the essence of the mythical game was still in a smaller jar and has finally passed the smartphones in an evolved version of that primal Nintendo Super Mario. The Japanese finally led to its mythical character to the mobile and exhausted after trying to making running hours, we finally have the analysis of Super Mario Run.

Thus, we have to leave aside the buttons of our console to handle the famous plumber on a touch screen and with some new scenarios and dynamics. Looking halfway between nostalgia and novelty stimulus, Nintendo brings a game that really counts several with characters who recognize instantly if we went that in his day and rode worlds looking at a princess.

If you have My Nintendo account, share with advantage

The game we have currently available in the App Store iOS and Android will arrive in 2017. We will see that the game is free, but this allows us to play three screens, twenty seconds of the fourth and become familiar with the game, so if we go further we have to pay 9.99 dollars. Continue reading “Super Mario Run, it is not the Mario of always, is one without brakes and with new challenges not easy”


Accelerometers and engineering: The key to much safer ski or snowboard jumps

Triumphing in sport is undoubtedly a matter of training and dexterity, and these are also necessary to avoid fateful injuries. But technology can also help in this regard, namely accelerometers in conjunction with engineering to achieve greater safety in ski jumping and snowboard.

The idea of the team of Nicola Petrona and other members of the University of Padova (Italy), who could implement his studio on the slopes of San Vito (Italy), after failing to carry out in the United States. It is a matter of achieving, through the redesign of the ski ramps, that the jumps have the same impact regardless of the distance traveled. Continue reading “Accelerometers and engineering: The key to much safer ski or snowboard jumps”

There IS a Solution to Gynecomastia

Aging is not always kind to the human body. It begins to take a toll on memory, add wrinkles, pounds of fat in unexpected areas and can put the internal hormone levels upside down. Even a slight change of hormone levels can alter mood, sensitivity to taste, sound and even foods that were once enjoyed can be newly loathed. Women and men are both subject to this drop in hormone levels, but it can cause a side effect in men that is seen as slightly embarrassing. Continue reading “There IS a Solution to Gynecomastia”


This is the first fully electric Jaguar an SUV called I-PACE

Jaguar is a brand that quickly relate to the British Isles, a creator of cars that blends luxury with sportiness like few others, but that has adapted to new market needs in recent years. If you needed an SUV, because there it was, and if it touches are cars with batteries, they have to prepare one with a great pint.

It is called Jaguar I-PACE and curiously has been presented across the pond in the Hall of Los Angeles. The reason seems clear, the center of automotive electrification is there, and it seems the best showcase to show your intentions. Continue reading “This is the first fully electric Jaguar an SUV called I-PACE”


Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link: Purifies, Heats and Ventilates the Air of Your Home

Dyson is a pioneer brand in suction and ventilation systems. From the first bag less vacuum cleaners that launched the market have been able to position themselves as a leading company in everything that has to do with air. And one of the most interesting products range is the Dyson Hot + Cool Pure Link, an air conditioning system and air purification in one.

In a relatively compact system we have an air cleaner, a heating or ventilation, and all controllable by a remote control or, better yet, from a mobile device with its application control and programming. Continue reading “Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link: Purifies, Heats and Ventilates the Air of Your Home”


In search of interplanetary GPS: NASA projects a space navigator with the precision of an atomic clock

I am convinced that the main problem of going to Mars or travel the solar system is that, out there, no WiFi or GPS. Things as seemingly simple as knowing where a probe is or being able to communicate with it become technological challenges of the first order in space.

The funny thing is that a technology that takes us a little more than a century, x-rays, can be the answer to all our space problems. With technologies based on them, we could transmit gigabits per second through the solar system and even create the ultimate interstellar navigation system. And it’s not just a theory, now the NASA Goddard Center prepares for the first demonstration of this technology in space. Continue reading “In search of interplanetary GPS: NASA projects a space navigator with the precision of an atomic clock”