4 best exercises to get your muscles firming fast

best exercises

The muscle is formed when you accentuate it, knocking down the fibers. Then, when you rest, these fibers grow back and allow the muscles to re-assert themselves. In this sense, the best exercises for your muscles to reassert quickly include weights, gym machines and others that you can also do with your own body weight and that have an influence on the construction of muscles.

If you want your muscles to assert themselves quickly, we recommend doing strength exercises that use multiple muscles and joints at the same time. These recruit and degrade more muscle fibers, so that, in the recovery phase, they develop and grow much more than if you did it with only isolated muscle movements.

4 best exercises to get your muscles firming fast

Here’s a list of the best exercises to get your muscles firming up quickly:

1. Press banking

best exercises

The first of the exercises for your muscles to reassert quickly that we present to you is the bench press. Is one of the classic exercises to perform in the gym and to gain muscle mass. It is a push action performed with the upper limbs that involve the participation of the elbow and shoulder joints.

To do this exercise, you need to support your back on a bench and have a bar with grip outside the shoulders.

Then, lower the weight to the chest with the elbows open and push the bar fully stretching the arms.

With this exercise, we mainly work the pectorals. In turn, the secondary muscles involved are the shoulders and triceps.

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2. Bicep curl with bar

best exercises

If you want your arm muscles to re-assert quickly, the barbell biceps curl is the ideal exercise. You just have to be careful not to strain your back during exercise.

To begin, stand straight with your chest up and hold the bar with your hands just outside your hips, with a hidden grip.

Do not forget that the elbows should be embedded in the hips and start the movement by raising your hands so that you feel your biceps contract.

While you keep the tension in your biceps, flex the elbows while bringing the bar to the chest, at the height of the shoulders, while you constrict buttocks and abdominal.

Then, start lowering the bar slowly, keeping the biceps tensed to work as many muscle fibers as possible.

Once the bar is back in the starting position, straighten the arms fully to tighten the triceps and make sure the biceps work in the widest possible range of motion.

3. Push-ups

best exercises

The push-ups represent an ideal option to train with your own body and, without any doubt, they are one of the exercises so that your muscles reaffirm quickly. In addition, you can carry it out at home or in the gym,  since any place is ideal to do them. You just need your own body and some motivation!

The push-ups force you to work triceps, thorax, and shoulders, among other muscle groups, in a single movement and without making any effort. With just one simple exercise, you work on several different muscle groups, and you can continue to increase the difficulty of the exercise as you get stronger.

Also, because many muscles are involved in push-ups, exercise helps to burn more calories than many others that only involve one or two muscle groups.

4. Dominated

best exercises

It is always a good idea to have a superior traction movement in the back routine, and chin-ups are one of the best. In fact, wide grip grips are excellent for putting emphasis on the upper dorsal.

If you do dominate at the beginning of training, you may have to add a belt with weights. Of course, if you find it difficult, you can always use a machine-assisted or have the help of a coach.

Certainly, chin-ups only involve body weight, but they are one of the best tests of the upper body, grip, and strength. You should not miss out on your exercise routine so that your muscles can quickly re-assert themselves.

Finally, do not forget that, even if you have the best exercises for your muscles to reassert quickly,  one of the most important things is to sleep well.

You should know that after a workout, the muscles use the nutrients and water ingested during the day, and work during your sleep to develop and grow your muscles. Do not underestimate the importance of proper nutrition.