How to Plan and Create Your Own Wedding

For some couples, planning a wedding takes a few weeks or months. For other couples, planning the perfect wedding takes a year. There is no shame in this process. However, it’s important to understand that wedding planning can get very stressful. It’s up to you and your partner to remain connected, grounded and centered through the duration of the process. Besides, you don’t want to lose your relationship while you’re planning the party that celebrates your relationship. Knowing this, there are a few ways you can always remain connected during the wedding planning process.

1. Date Night

Date nights allow you two to be with one another to check in about anything. You can choose to go to the new york city cabaret or to the local mall for some frozen yogurt. As long as the activity allows you two to be alone with one another, you’ll be fine.

2. Code Words

There are times when emotions will run high. If someone didn’t send in their RSVP or the caterer drops out at the last minute, this can really set everything off. In the case of any type of frustrating event, it’s a good idea to have some code words. When one party says one of the code words, this means that they need to step away from the chaos for a second. This might mean they need to take a long walk to cool down. Just know the code words and honor them.

3. Support

It’s so important for both partners to know and understand that the other one is on their team. It can really feel isolating and challenging when the support is one-sided. Many brides tend to take the brunt of the responsibility when it comes to planning. However, it’s really important for the groom to help out in a major way as well. Both parties are getting married to one another. This is a perfect opportunity for you two to show each other that you’re supportive of one another for life. If one future mother-in-law comes and starts making suggestions and it’s against the wishes of the bride or the groom, it’s up for the other party to support that decision and show up as a unit. This makes the process so much easier.