How to style a green dress

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “green doesn’t suit me,” then you’ve not been trying the right shade! There is a green for everyone, and one for every occasion. It works from day to night, and even the most dressy of events. The key to finding the right shade is to understand your skin tone and which greens suit warm or cool colourings.

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Neutral colours

Whatever green you choose – from a bright lime or mint to a more subdued forest or British Racing green – neutral, earthy tones like sandy browns or greys will always match, as will nudes and beige.

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Think of the tones in a camouflage print and choose your bag, shoes and jewellery in those and you won’t go wrong. Just because the print pattern is traditionally used by the military, doesn’t mean you have to end up looking like a soldier, it’s a useful way to colour match.

The same principle works for other patterns; pick out another colour from the pattern on your green maxi dress and use that as an accent.


Green is no different when it comes to matching pastels: choose other pastels over brights. They have cooler undertones, whereas brights are often warmer and the clash can be hard to wear. Stick with a similar tone but don’t be afraid to try colour blocking with blacks and browns, navy blue or dark greys if you have a darker shade of dress. And if your dress is a brighter green, be more daring by adding accents in primary colours like yellow, red or blue, though perhaps not all at once!


Most greens will go with gold, so if gold is your colour, pile it on with shoes, bag and jewellery. Beware if the dress itself is embellished and take care not to overload it as there is a risk of you ending up looking like a Christmas tree! Instead, make sure you wear the dress rather than the other way around.

For more ideas on the colours and shades to go with green, visit Clothes by Colors and match your green maxi dress perfectly!

Of course, the style of the dress itself will lend itself to a particular look, whether that’s a classic tea dress or an edgier maxi dress.