How to handle the wedding dress: 7 tips of elegance and poise


The most important day of your life will wear a dress that you are not accustomed to wearing. Here are our tips to manage it better and feel at ease in any situation.

You have chosen your wedding dress without thinking too much about what can be cumbersome during the ceremony, reception and dance? The large volume of the skirt, the presence of a particularly long train, the underskirt crinoline are all elements that require some attention. Here are our tips to make sure you feel comfortable with an important dress, even if you are not used to wearing it.

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1. Walking with the “football”

To avoid tripping into the fabric during the church entrance, when you cannot help you with your hands to lift your skirt, the secret is to walk giving a football with your toe to the fabric before you put your foot on the ground. This movement away the dress from the legs and leaves space to walk unhindered.

2. How to turn around

The more complicated movement when wearing a voluminous dress or long train is to be done to turn around. Try to train at home, perhaps using a fixed waist sheet: while rotating the upper body, firmly grasps the cloth behind you and raises your arm in the same direction, as if to create a graceful arc. The apparel line will be expanded into a half wheel that allows you to complete the rotation.

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3. Never flinch

It only takes a couple of steps backwards to stumble into the fabric (especially if you wear heels) and fall tumbling to the ground. Something that no bride wants, is not it?

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4. How to sit

The only way to sit while wearing a wedding dress is seeders “on” own gown. Prohibited groped to lift or roll it in any way. It will be enough just to go a few centimeters ahead and then bend down to look elegant and composed without feeling awkward.

5. How to get out

Imagine that the rear seats of car that will transport you be like a tunnel: you enter from one side, it comes out the other. Always helping you with your hand less visible to gently pull the fabric towards you.

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6. Avoid the “peasant girl” effect

If you have trouble moving, such as climbing or descending the stairs , you can help with one hand to raise the fabric of your skirt. But never two. The image that would come out of it is not particularly difficult … and you will be a shooting test at any time of the day!

7. Dancing with a train

Some brides ask to be sewing a loop at the long end of the train, to secure it on your finger, and lift your skirt when off the track for the dance. Etiquette, however, does not recommend this solution: the effect obtained is not elegant; the apparel line is completely transforms and especially shows off the bottom of the train, which almost certainly will be fouled during the ceremony and shooting photo.