Eldercare Keeps Loved Ones Home Longer

Years ago elderly parents were able to live with a son or daughter when poor health no longer allowed them to live alone. This happened most often when a lifelong partner passed away and the surviving spouse could not live alone. Times have changed so much that most families need both husband and wife to work out of the home in order to make ends meet. This means there is no family caregiver available to see to the needs of an ailing parent. Rather than send a loved one to a nursing home, many children choose the services of a home health aide to provide the necessary care for their parent.

There are many health conditions that afflict people as they age, but the average lifespan has increased due to improved medical care and treatment options. Doctors advise their senior patients to focus on eating a nutritious diet and maintaining the most active lifestyle possible. Retirees who follow this advice are able to enjoy relatively good health for a long time unless they are diagnosed with a serious disease or condition. Diabetes, cardiac problems and cancer are the most common health issues that people will eventually face.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease seems to be more common these days than ever before, and people suffering from these conditions need constant supervision. It is possible for families to keep their loved ones with them longer with the help of a home health aide. The first step involves setting up a consultation to identify a schedule that works for every member of the family. Sometimes simple assistance with no medical intervention will suffice, but professional medical and therapeutic treatment will be necessary in other cases.

Although societal changes may seem to make life more difficult for aging parents, the help available through the services of a home health aide may result in better overall health for seniors. Advances in modern medicine increases the average lifespan while home health care keeps the elderly living at home or with their family longer.