Pinar del Rio, Cuba green inside

Pinar del Rio

In Pinar Del Río we can find the natural beauty of the island, that green heart that is surrounded by a string of beaches. They are located in this area two of the six World Biosphere Reserves has Cuba and the Valley of Viñales, declared Cultural Landscape of Humanity, declared by UNESCO.

Pinar del Rio
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A strong and provocative land where the best snuff in the world is grown. Its main path is terrestrial, but we can also reach it by sea, through the International Diving Center Maria La Gorda.

A visit to Pinar del Río cannot ignore the passage through the capital of the province, one of the most picturesque cities in Cuba and the largest on the island.

The Mural of Prehistory, a singular paintings of 120 meters long by 80 meters wide, made on the living rock of the hummocks, attracts attention.

The Caverna de Santo Tomas is another point of interest. It is included among the most interesting of the island to visit for its magnitude and scientific values stored and you can also go.

Soroa orchid garden keeps in its more than 700 varieties, among which stand about 150 native orchids of Cuba.

On the west coast of the island, we reached the sea in Balcones de Guanahacabibes, a peculiar rock formation created by the movement of the sea and the lifting of the terrain over thousands of years. You will find them in the Peninsula of Guanahacabibes National Park where the beautiful Faro also encoframos Roncali, surrounded by stories and legends.

It is the westernmost of the island and very close to the beach Tombs point, ideal for diving enthusiasts and to pass the time on the sand area. Click here to know more reviews.