How e-commerce businesses are transforming retail

Recent Office for National Statistics figures show the retail sector’s online sales are around 20% of the market. While this share was previously taken up by large online companies such as Amazon, figures suggest smaller companies are now having a bigger impact on how people buy online.

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Why do people shop online?

People shop online because it’s often easier than taking a trip to their local high street or shopping centre. It can also be cheaper because they don’t have to pay for petrol or parking and, thanks to comparison sites and search engines, they can often find better deals than they would in store. Even when people like shopping in physical stores, they’ll often search online first to see which shops stock the products they want at the price they want.

An advantage online stores have over physical stores is the opening hours because online shops never close. People can shop when it’s convenient for them and while they’re doing other things, watching TV in the evening, for example. This is where smartphones and tablets come into their own when it comes to online retail. They make the internet readily accessible from almost anywhere.

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Finally, there’s the convenience of having items delivered at a time that suits. Many companies now offer the same or next day for a small charge, though same day delivery is generally only available in big cities. Same day courier Manchester based company All about Freight provide a same day courier Manchester service for example.

Changes in e-commerce?

While it used to take a great deal of time, effort and a large IT team to create an e-commerce website, things have changed in the last few years, meaning smaller businesses can create an online presence quickly and easily. This means more choice for the consumer, including the ability to buy from companies that meet their specific requirements – a desire to buy goods made ethically, for example.

Now, using platforms such as Shopify, any companies can create an attractive site that not only drives sales but has the functionality to help them manage inventory, promote their products, engage customers and create a compelling brand people will want to buy from. Which means people can expect big changes in the way e-commerce works, changes which will transform online retailing.