Should you use a cheap website designer?

These days, owning a website is a necessity rather than a luxury if you want your brand to survive. If you don’t have a big budget to blow on a website, should you get a cheap one?

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Invest in your site

Going for the cheapest website designer isn’t always the wisest idea, even if you think it will save you money. You tend to get what you pay for in life, so you’re unlikely to get the best in site design and functionality if you aim cheap. Think of your website as a reflection of who you are as a brand. By investing in your site and not using the cheapest option, you’ll create a good impression to visitors, which is more likely to translate into a sale. Your investment will quickly pay off if your site isn’t designed cheaply.

Getting your money’s worth

The less you pay for your website, the fewer pages or features it will contain. A basic one might just include a static landing page. In some cases, this may well be all that you need, so using a cheap designer may be justifiable. However, if you demand a site that has multiple pages with e-commerce functionality, it will be hard to get this done really well on a low budget.

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Even then, you need to think about aspects such as site security, bugs, and whether the site is responsive on different devices. All of this costs a designer time and money, so when choosing website design company Gloucester services, for example, get a breakdown of what you get for your budget.

If you want your website to be easily found, a Website Design Company Gloucester service or other reputable agency will build it with SEO in mind. According to Search Engine Journal, SEO can improve your visibility, but good SEO also means a better user experience, which can work in your favour. If you use a cheap website designer, SEO might not be included in the design of your site, which means it will struggle to rank highly on search pages.

If a web designer is cheap, it could be because they’re based overseas. In this case, you might have language issues to face and other differences that may undermine the effectiveness of your site.