How Drupal enables you to build the perfect business website

You may not have heard of Drupal, but it’s one of the leading CMS platforms; only WordPress and Joomla currently power more websites.

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Why choose Drupal?

According to statistics from W3Techs, Drupal is the most popular CMS for websites with a high volume of traffic, which is proof that the platform is capable of powering large and complex websites.

Featuring over 29,000 modules across 2,000 themes, Drupal offers virtually unlimited potential for any website owner with the need for a scalable and agile site. Using the platform, it’s possible to create several different complex websites, even across multiple languages.

The software features plenty of security features to ensure that your data isn’t compromised, and new patches and add-ons are constantly being developed to preserve the integrity of your website. Undoubtedly, one of the principal reasons for choosing Drupal as your CMS of choice is the scalability of the platform; the software is acknowledged as being the leader when it comes to creating high-traffic websites.

The benefits of using Drupal

Because Drupal is open source, an active online community of developers, including members of the Drupal design agency, regularly contribute add-ons and plug-ins that add even greater value to your website. The software is completely free to access and use, which makes it extremely cost effective for businesses on a tight budget. The online community is always on hand to offer help and support, although you can also easily access API support through Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms.

Every aspect of Drupal is completely customisable, allowing you to create the perfect website for your needs. From the site layout to its design, operation and features, it’s possible to create a completely unique website that you can alter and adapt according to the changing needs of your business.

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Drupal has been designed to integrate seamlessly with your digital marketing applications. In fact, the platform can integrate with just about any other website and application, making it the perfect fit for your business as it grows and develops. It’s also remarkably fast, allowing you to make speedy changes that add value for your customers.

Your Drupal website supports great SEO techniques, which means that your site will always rank highly with the search engines.