The best tips that will help you fight stress


Stress is not always negative. On many occasions, it can help us to motivate us to stop procrastinating and finish with certain tasks for which we never had time. However, many times, fighting stress is essential so that it does not dominate our lives.

A dose of stress can be positive, but if we suffer every day to the point that the doctor has diagnosed it as something already chronic, we need to take action. For this, let’s see some tips to fight against stress.

Organize properlystress

Do we always leave everything for the last moment? This is usually done by many people and the consequences are that stress, instead of helping us, paralyzes us before the amount of pending tasks that we will not be able to carry out. To avoid this, the best way is to organize ourselves.

Making us with an agenda or a notebook that inspires us can be a good option. In this way, once a week, with hot tea by our side, we will spend a few minutes planning the week. Now, this is not going to stay there. We have to commit to taking all the tasks out.

For this, it is important that we are realistic and that we give ourselves a margin for possible contingencies. Keeping this in mind will help us reach everything and avoid stress. It will also help us not to cover tasks that we know we will not have time to dedicate to them. Learning to delegate or say “no” are two challenges that we can begin to put into practice.

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To have free time

It may be obvious, but do we really take advantage of free time? Many times, what we do is throw ourselves on the sofa to watch TV, watch Youtube videos while the minutes pass without realizing … This is not a quality leisure time.

Therefore, although we apparently believe that we are resting, our mind may continue at work or we may be equally stressed. To fight against stress we have to take into account some aspects to make our leisure activities help us deal with it :stress

  • Playing sports frees us from stress: Whether it’s strength, dancing, running or attending an aerobics class, any type of exercise helps us to release endorphins, to feel better and more relaxed. Also, doing sports is a way to feel healthier and with more energy to give everything at work.
  • Practicing something that fills us: Maybe it fills us with well-being and we feel very productive reading a book, listening to a new music or watching a documentary. The ideal is that we find that activity that makes us forget about the world around us. Let’s practice it a little each day. It will help us to fight against stress.
  • Start in mindfulness: A practice that invites us to live in the present moment, thus freeing ourselves of meaningless worries and allowing us to make better use of time. It’s a wonderful way to not get carried away by stress. It helps us to be more productive and effective. Without a doubt, a very beneficial leisure activity.


Learning to disconnect can be a simple thing to say, but quite difficult to achieve. Because if we are aware of the mobile, for example, it is very likely that we will not be able to fight against stress.stress

How many times have we gone on vacation and attended calls or emails from work? Each thing has its own time and when we are resting we just have to do that, relax. In the same way, when we are at work, all our attention and energy should be in our tasks.

Therefore, on weekends it would be important that we learn to turn off the phone. Thus, we would not waste our time watching social networks and would invest it better in doing other types of activities that would help us to get clear and feel that our leisure time is very well spent.

How do you fight against stress? Do you usually suffer from relative assiduity? We encourage you to try the above tips if you have never put them into practice. In the event that you have one that worked for you, tell us about it. Maybe other people who are reading us can come well.

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