7 Tips to keep your back free of acne


Incorporating some care in the beauty routine is the best way to keep your back free of acne. While there are many factors that affect this problem, applying some tips and natural remedies can minimize it or accelerate its relief.

Acne on the back can appear in the form of pimples, pimples or, in the worst case, cysts. Its development is common during adolescence, but it also affects adults as a consequence of the uncontrolled activity of the sebaceous glands.

Although it is considered harmless, its presence can cause problems of self-esteem or dislike. Therefore, even if it manifests mildly or sporadically, most people who suffer from it seek solutions to eliminate it and prevent its reappearance.

Why acne occurs on the back?acne

There are many factors related to the tendency to suffer acne on the back. However, like any acne outbreak, it is linked to the sebaceous glands. The latter is responsible for producing natural oils to keep the skin hydrated and smooth.

When there is a lack of control, whether due to a hormonal change, illness or habits, the segregation of oils suffers a change that leads to the appearance of these grains. It can also be developed by external factors such as sweating and the use of inappropriate products.

Tips to keep your back free of acne

Although there are many commercial remedies available to keep your back free of acne, in a complementary or optional way you can take into account some simple natural tips. Do you suffer from this problem? Put them into practice!

1. Use an exfoliantacne

The astringent properties of body scrubs can decrease the excess fat that causes acne on the back. Thanks to their grainy texture, they sweep away dead cells and leave the area looking soft and clean.


If you do not have a conventional exfoliating product, prepare it yourself with sugar and honey. In fact, you can add a little antibacterial essential oil for better results.

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2. Choose cool clothes

The use of too tight clothes may favor the appearance of this problem. Since the skin can not “breathe” well and accumulates sweat, the bacteria get proliferate. Therefore, to keep your back free of acne, it is best to wear fresh clothes.


Choose garments made of cotton fabrics or natural fabrics. Avoid synthetic materials and shirts or tops too tight.

3. Take a shower with cold wateracne

Taking a daily shower is one of the essential hygiene habits; however, it is important to mention it, especially since it is necessary after exercising. Cold showers help seal out large pores and remove sweat residue.


Try to take a shower after exercising or activities of high physical demand.

If you can not shower, remove the sweat with a damp towel.

4. Dry the back carefully

Being abrupt at the time of removing the waste of water after the shower can worsen the problem of acne. If the tissues of the towels are abrasive, irritation or damage to the pores can occur, hindering the disappearance of the grains.


Dry your back carefully, without rubbing the towel too much.

5. Avoid sun exposureacne

Protect the skin from the impact of the sun’s UV rays is a good complement to keep the back free of acne. Although the sun does not cause these grains, it can affect the development of scars or unsightly marks.


Apply sunscreen with a minimum of 30 FPS and wear clothing that covers the back.

6. Apply tea tree oil

One of the best natural solutions against acne is the essential oil of tea tree. Due to its concentration of antibacterials, it eliminates the germs that make this problem more chronic. In addition, it acts as a tonic and minimizes excess fat.


Dilute a few drops of tea tree oil in water and apply it on the acne grains with the help of a cotton ball.

Repeat your application, at least, 3 times a week.

7. Rub crushed aspirinacne

Acetylsalicylic acid or aspirin is another effective solution to keep the back free of acne and scars. Its direct application on pimples and pimples helps to remove accumulated dead oils and cells. Likewise, it favors the regeneration of tissues.


Make a paste with several crushed aspirins and rub it on the back. Use it 2 or 3 times a week.

Ready to wear that dress with a neckline on the back? Say goodbye to acne by following these recommendations. If you still can not minimize it, consult the dermatologist.

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