7 Tricks to save space in the kitchen


If you have a small kitchen or simply want to maximize the use of this space in your home, we have some good tips to offer. Do not miss these tips to save space in the kitchen.

Whether you’re satisfied with the space available in your kitchen or not, it never hurts to know ideas to free someplace. In addition, many of them are very convenient from the aesthetic, or perhaps allow you to add new items for which there was previously no space.

Faced with any of these situations, it will surely help you to know the following tips to save space in the kitchen.

Here we share 7 tricks to save space in the kitchen

With these simple suggestions, you can plan or remodel your kitchen more efficiently. Then, the lack of space will no longer be a daily complication for you:

1. Practical furniturekitchen

Of course, the cornerstone on which the functionality of every room is built: the furniture. To save space in the kitchen, you can get some furniture that will allow you to store many things in small sizes.

A first example is the drawers with two independent sections. In this way, you can store objects in the lower compartment and also smaller ones in the upper one, always using only one drawer.

Also, you can place a piece of furniture with a rotating corner. These are excellent to optimize space and to get the most out of a place, often limiting, as are the corners.

Finally, another practical advice has to do with vertical drawers. These occupy very little space and allow many items to be stored, especially jars and food boxes.

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2. Take advantage of the inner side of the doors

This idea is worth gold. Do not hesitate to place organizers for the utensils, the grocers or whatever else you have hanging around the room.

You can even hang your notebooks to take notes; thus, you will always have a paper on hand to make the list for the market.

3. Add additional shelveskitchen

We all have a piece of furniture to which, definitively, there is plenty of space and missing shelves. For this problem, there are two solutions: the first is to add a shelf similar to the others.

The second is to get some accessory shelves that hang from the main and are made in the shape of a steel grid. In this way, we will not cancel the use of the previous shelves and we will gain a place to store objects.

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4. Save certain items in boxes

Certain household appliances and other objects such as large pots and pans are not for everyday use. Therefore, it is best to have them on hand in case you need them some day-but they are saved.

Why not put them in boxes? To not ruin the appearance of the kitchen in case they are visible, you can decorate or cover them to be in tune with the rest of the furniture. Then, place them on top of the cupboard, and that’s it.

5. Many shelves

When optimizing space, the shelves take an indisputable role. In the kitchen, you can use them to place your recipe books, crockery, glasses, glasses and many other elements.

The best thing is that you will have them on hand whenever you need them. Also, if they are beautiful, they will be under constant exposure to beautify the place. On the other hand, it is also very convenient to have a shelf above the sink.

An excellent idea is also to use mini shelves. These are small ‘tables’ that simply pose on your countertop to get an extra surface to support the objects you use on a daily basis.

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6. Hang the utensilskitchen

Use supports, or ornaments with hooks to make a place for your pots, pans, and spoons, without taking space in your cupboard. In addition, you can combine this idea with the previous one. How? Putting hooks under the shelves!

7. Kitchen Cart

Yes, it is the typical carts that have several shelves to put trays with food. Of course, you can give them that use, but they will also be useful for saving other objects.

Its main advantage is that you can place them in any corner. In case you do not use them so often, you leave it in another room and that’s it.

As you can see, the options are varied: on the one hand, you may need specific furniture. On the other hand, you can also generate big changes with few resources. Which suggestion do you like best to save space in the kitchen?

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