Every room can benefit from tile flooring inspiration

Tiles are a fantastic choice for flooring, particularly in rooms that require the ability to withstand water and food spills like the workplace kitchen or dining room.

Hardwearing, attractive, and long-lasting, tiles are best suited to kitchens and bathrooms, although they can also be used in hallways, conservatories, and boot rooms, where footfall is high, and dirt is commonplace.  Which type of tile is best for which room, there is a large range of marble tiles available here and how can you choose a style? Here we provide a basic guide to give you inspiration.

Which type?

All the main types of tiles will provide years of trouble-free use, although stone is definitely harder wearing than ceramic or porcelain.

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Low maintenance and suitable for all areas of the home, stone tiles may be at the more expensive end of the market but will last longer, providing better value for money in the long run.

According to home style website Houzz, smooth stone tiles are ideal for kitchens, where spills can be easily removed, while textured stone tiles can help prevent slips on bathroom floors.

Ceramic or porcelain tiles are also ideal for kitchens, providing a hardwearing and water-resistant surface that is also easy to keep clean. Keep in mind that they are easily chipped or cracked if hard items are dropped onto them.

Which style?

According to the experts, larger tiles look best in bigger spaces, while smaller tiles will look great in bathrooms.

Similarly, most people prefer planer styles in larger rooms and leave the fussier colours and geometric shapes to the smallest room in the house.

Whatever your taste, you will find a large variety of different colours, textures and finishes to match or complement your décor. Shop around for the best deals, but whatever you do, make sure you get all tiles professionally installed.

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There are, of course, certain rooms where tiles may not quite meet your needs. Dining rooms, hallways and living spaces such as bedrooms and lounges may require a warmer, cosier feel than tiles allow.

At the upper end of the flooring market, solid wood flooring is an extremely durable and undoubtedly beautiful choice that will last for years.

Wooden floors also look great when used in tandem with tiled floors.