Check your Home for Radon Gas

Land contamination is something that we usually associate with human activity – industrial and chemical uses, as well as hazardous materials like asbestos are all the sorts of things that you would call out a remediation contractors like this to come and clear up and make the land safe once again.

However, some areas are naturally more dangerous for humans, and something that can cause this is the presence of Radon gas. This is a radioactive gas that is harmful to human health, and over time can lead to the development of cancer when the person is constantly exposed to it – for example if their home is built on an area that has a lot of Radon gas.

Areas where a lot of granite naturally occurs is typically going to be a place where Radon levels are higher. One of these places is Dartmoor, which sits high on a large amount of granite, as well as parts of Cornwall which is in the same sort of area.

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Radon – similarly to the other silent but deadly gas carbon monoxide – cannot be seen or smelt, and therefore the chances of knowing that you have large amounts of it in your home are slim unless you have the specialist equipment to test for it specifically.

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Consulting a Radon map can give you a good idea if you might need to test for it. If you find that you live in a high Radon area, contact UK Radon and you will be able to get a home testing kit.