Tips for Planning Your Next Party

With these party planning tips, you can plan an event your guests will remember for years to come.

Feed Your Guests

The most important thing to have at a party is food. Decide whether you will be making the food yourself or hiring a professional caterer. Be sure to include a variety of foods and vegan options in case you have guests with allergies or special diets. Try to keep it simple with dishes that are easy to eat. Chips and dip, crudité, or the best pizza California all make for great party foods. If you’re serving hot food, keep everything warm using a slow cooker or chafing dish. Account for the freezer space you might need if guests don’t show up and you get stuck with leftovers.

Provide Entertainment

Besides keeping your guests full you also need to keep them entertained. Consider hiring a live band to provide a fun atmosphere throughout the duration of your event. You can even add a dance floor for added entertainment. Take it a step further by hiring professional dancers to help get your guests up and moving. Hire a magician to impress guests of all ages with a magic act. If you have the space, you can hire circus performers and set up carnival games all around the venue.

Set Up Party Decor

Set the mood of your party with a theme and matching decorations. Cover the walls with garland and banners. Brighten up tables with decorative tablecloths and your matching tableware. Create centerpieces for each table with a bouquet of flowers or something else that captures your theme. You can even decorate windows with lights and streamers. Be sure to cover the entrances with a fun sign and plenty of balloons to greet guests as they arrive.

Don’t forget to consider these fun party ideas before you host your next event.