Things you should not send by work mail

work mail

We show you what are the things that you should not send by work mail under any circumstances. And you have to know how to separate the personal from the professional.

An email out of place can cause serious consequences. E-mail can be a most useful and productive tool, provided it is used appropriately.

Unfortunately, several studies show that email can be one of the major causes of stress among company employees, because they spend a large part of their working day attending to this tool.

In fact, according to these investigations, we spend 28% of our work time responding to emails, 19% to searching for information and 14% to collaborating. Therefore, employees only spend 40% of their working day on job-specific tasks.

So before sending the next work mail, think about whether that message really is necessary.

So today we show you the things you should not send by work mail.

Very heavy and unimportant videos or photos

Yes, that video or photo from your last weekend in the Bahamas can be a lot of fun, but they won’t appreciate it if they take 10 minutes to download it.


This type of email became very popular in the 2000s and, although now the latest trend is to send them by WhatsApp, there are still many laggards who insist on sending chains by mail.

Please be aware that no witch, alien or superior will make you 234 years of bad luck if you don’t send that message to 15 people. Also, the problem is even more serious if you send this to people at work, as it is very unprofessional.

Inappropriate thanks

Making inappropriate thanks (especially racist or sexist) is one of the worst things you can email.  Sometimes this is so serious that they can get you a serious offense, and even fire you.

It’s true that having a sense of humor is a good thing at work, but it can play tricks on you if your jokes are inappropriate. Also, why send this by corporate mail?

Confidential information

Although it is a common practice in all companies, we recommend that you do not send confidential information due to danger of being seen by someone who should not.


In some companies it is very common to send GIFs by email, but it is not the best for formal communications.


You are not in Gossip Girl and therefore acting as if you were the “Queen Cotilla” is out of place. Especially since you’re supposed to be in a professional environment.

Applications to external jobs

It is not a good idea to send your CV to another company through your corporate email. Not only is it unprofessional, it can cause you more than one problem.

Videos or porn images

Although it may seem obvious, many people send inappropriate images or videos through their company email to make fun of their coworkers. However, it is not a good idea because it can be offensive and unprofessional.

Bad news

Bad news, such as layoffs, is never good to communicate by email. If you have to say something negative to someone, it is always better to do it face to face.

Many explanations

In this case something similar happens. So if you have to have a long conversation with someone, we recommend doing it face to face.

Negative feedback

The critical (even constructive) is always better done in person. So if you have to give negative feedback to someone, it is always better to do it in person. The reason? They can be confused with the tone or intention of the message. That way there will be no misunderstanding.

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