11 documentaries to travel to incredible places without leaving home


In quarantine times, technological devices are light slits from which to fly over incredible landscapes, meet other cultures and travel virtually without leaving the site. These are some great documentaries you should write down on your list.

The documentary genre has a wide variety and quality on the main content platforms today. HBO, Netflix or Filmin offer us in these long weeks of confinement opportunities to dive into other places, civilizations, natural enclaves or distant cultures.

We collect eleven interesting documentaries that will allow you to travel in quarantine without leaving your sofa, an opportunity to escape, learn and forget about the four walls of your house to contemplate the beauty that inhabits the world.

Black Mother (Filmin)

From the prostitute districts to its lush forests, Black Mother is about a lyrical ode about Jamaica and its people, a love letter to their society or the prayer that is performed from the corner of any neighborhood. If you are looking for a puzzle that represents the polyhedral life of this Caribbean region, its customs, its religious thought or the resistance of its locals, you cannot miss this gem. Criticism is flattered towards this film: hypnotic, immersive, intelligent, hallucinatory, jazzy and deeply creative.

Under an Artic Sky (Netflix)

If you are fascinated by the northern lights, the remote fjords and the magic of storms, this Neftlix documentary follows the adventure of six surfers who, together with adventure photographer Chris Burkard and filmmaker Ben Welland, seek unknown waves in the nature reserve of Hornstrandir, in Iceland. After renting a boat, they leave Isafjordur at the height of the biggest storm in the past 25 years. Can they ride the perfect wave?

Earth at night (Netflix)

When the star king hides, the night makes a new world wake up. Netflix hosts this incredible documentary miniseries about the nightlife of animals from all over the world, from lions on the hunt to bats flying. Unmatched beauty, technical perfection and many surprises from our planet in this work directed by Peter Fison.

The Wind (HBO)

Wild nature and mystery: this documentary, with hints as magical as it is terrifying, talks about the halny wind, a mysterious and destructive phenomenon that blows in circles in a mountain range on the border between Poland and Slovakia, twice a year. Legend has it that it drives those who suffer it crazy, causing abnormal behaviors and suicide attempts.

Our planet (Netflix)

A must-have contemporary documentary, splendid and fundamental to awaken consciences in the fight against global warming. Filmed with cutting-edge technology of the highest definition, it will captivate you with the extraordinary beauty of our world, showing more than 50 countries and touring the natural world from the most exotic jungles to the deepest oceans.

Long live the antipodes! (Filmin)

Considered by numerous critics as one of the one hundred best films in all of history and as the best documentary of the last decade, Filmin exclusively has this Vivan las Antípodas! ” To know which would be the shortest path between the Chinese metropolis of Shanghai and Entre Ríos in Argentina, we must draw a straight line through the center of the Earth. To show the world the renowned director Victor Kossakovsky chooses four points on the planet and visits its exact geographical antipode. A fascinating melting pot of places and spaces of our world.

Zaniki (Filmin)

An initiatory journey in which an 8-year-old grandson and his grandfather Eusebio Mayalde take to the mountains at the edge of the Castilian plateau to share the most atavistic rites of their land. Children’s curiosity to discover the tradition from within and the connection with nature.

Arrels Fondes (Filmin)

This documentary gives voice to people born in the interwar period in Formentera, narrating their survival in the face of hunger in the 1950s, the years of Francoism and the opening to tourism and globalization, phenomena that have also led to the loss of certain ancestral customs. A beautiful film about the island that shows how the retired peasants continue to be deeply rooted in the land and the sea.

Burning Ice (HBO)

This television report produced by Leonardo Dicaprio wants to warn against global warming and climate change in a visual way, showing realistic proposals to combat it. You will find it on HBO Spain.

Kedi (Istanbul Cats) (Filmin)

Defined as “The Citizen Kane” from the cat documentaries, “Kedi” addresses the love story between the Turkish metropolis and the incredible cats: hundreds of thousands of cats live free in this city of almost 15 million inhabitants that divides the East from West. Without owner, these cats, neither wild nor domestic, reflect the life of the people and show a great vision of both the city and these adorable mammals.

The gleaners and the gleaner (Filmin)

Starting from a famous painting by Millet, Agnès Varda, one of the most free and admired voices of the nouvelle vague, connects with the communal and creative nature of the human spirit, portraying the gleaners, those people who live from the recovery of things that the others throw, do not want or leave behind. This documentary film is the director’s first contact with the digital camera.

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