Google will launch its own smart debit card to compete with the Apple Card

Google would have decided to launch its own smart debit card to rival the Apple Card, in an effort by those of Mountain View to enter a market that seems to point to the future of online shopping.

The idea of Google with the debit card is to position it as a new pillar for the Google Pay system allowing customers to make purchases but also track them to keep a more exhaustive control of their expenses. Currently, the Google Pay system only makes online payments, but by adding a physical debit card, it could expand its functionalities for a greater variety of purchases, providing the consumer with more information regarding their expenses.

While it may appear that Google wants to compete with the Apple Card, that would not be the case. The Apple Card is a credit card while this Google card would be a debit card, associating with VISA although it could also do so with MasterCard in the future. In any case, this Google debit card would work like any other physical card that we currently use to make our purchases, but it would also be worth it as a digital payment card while offering a separate virtual card number that we could use in our online shopping.

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In this way, Google Pay, by having this new pillar, will allow customers to track their purchases and provide them with the feature of being able to block the card against any theft or loss of it.

The information, advanced by the Techcrunch portal, does not mention when it would be available to the public, although according to the information, it would have partners such as Citi and Stanford Federal Credit Union with what would be a project aimed mainly at the North American market.

Google has released a statement stating that “we are exploring how we can partner with banks and credit unions in the United States to offer smart checking accounts through Google Pay helping customers benefit from useful information and budgeting tools.”

Mountain View debuted a Wallet debit card in 2013 as an extension of their old Google Wallet payment application, but the project closed just three years later.

With this move, Google could not only rival the Apple Card to some extent,  but would also have set its sights on Apple Pay to try to be one of the most popular technology payment platforms in the world .

If the smart debit card is finally released, it could end up unlocking new sources of income and data for Google. On the one hand, Google could have additional income by charging for exchange fees on purchases made with the card and, on the other hand, it could have more transaction data about what people buy to improve the measurement of advertising campaigns.

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