Purifying the liver: When it is necessary and how to do it with natural remedies?

Purifying the liver

Symptoms such as abdominal swelling and difficulty losing weight, accompanied by tiredness and nervousness, are not always attributable to food intolerance or other ailments, but can lead to an intoxicated liver. Let’s see some tips to purifying the liver¬† and detoxify in a natural and effective way to regain lost well-being.

Purifying the liver is very important to maintain a correct state of health and prevent numerous ailments. It is in fact the most important organ for filtering body waste and toxins, but not only. Some nonphysical moods, such as depression, chronic fatigue, moodiness and anger, are often linked to a weighted and slowed liver.

This is why purifying the liver is equivalent to ensuring a correct state of physical, psychological and emotional health. The liver intervenes in the metabolism of food, drugs, toxins and is used to filter any substance introduced into the body.

If there are too many toxic substances, the liver becomes fatigued and is unable to do its job properly. The consequence are ailments and pathologies of various kinds. When this precious organ is inflamed it performs its functions with fatigue, and various symptoms, not only physical, can occur. From the liver, the unfiltered toxins can reach any organ and system, overloading and inflaming it in turn. In short, it is a vicious circle.

Sometimes the liver is overloaded with toxins but does not give specific symptoms. If it is symptomatic, however, on the physical level, pain in the upper part of the abdomen may occur, which can reach the lumbar area, such as reflex pain. When it is very intoxicated, the liver can appear enlarged due to fats and slags.

When and why to purifying the liver?

Purifying the liver is important. Among the characteristic symptoms of a malfunctioning liver (which therefore needs cleaning) there is nausea, a bitter mouth, often present in the early morning. We must remember that the liver performs its role of purifier especially at night. This explains the morning sickness. The burdened liver can also give a sense of malaise and general tiredness, which can persist even after meals. Classic post-prandial sleepiness is a typical sign of tired liver.

Other characteristic symptoms that indicate that we will have to detoxify the liver are: headache, bad breath, difficulty digesting, weight problems, abdominal swelling, constipation and / or dysentery with very light colored stools. Further symptoms of a liver to be detoxified are visible through the observation of dull and grayish skin or if abnormal pigmented spots appear.

In the presence of more serious pathologies (hepatitis) the complexion could take on a yellowish hue. The same circumstances apply to the eye sclera (the whiter part surrounding the iris). The real pathologies of the liver can be manifold: hepatitis, cirrhosis, gallstones, infections, depression, etc. Psychic symptoms such as irritability, lack of concentration, lack of motivation, chronic fatigue, depression can be added to these conditions.

It is advisable to carry out liver cleansing cycles in case of ailments, or for prevention and detoxification every spring and every autumn, for two months. This healthy habit helps to prolong the vitality of this organ and return to health. Now let’s see the most effective remedies to purify the liver naturally!

Purifying the liver: The most effective natural remedies

The remedies to cleanse the liver act on several fronts and are all useful for detoxification, improving the functionality of this organ. Let’s see which ones are the most effective and how they are used.

1) Water and lemon, from early morning

It is the simplest remedy. Drinking a glass of hot water and half a squeezed lemon, in the morning on an empty stomach, is a natural way to cleanse the liver. This remedy also helps regulate the internal pH and keep the intestines clean, together with the liver.

2) Turmeric, the golden spice for the liver

Turmeric is a spice that stimulates liver function and is a good anti-cholesterol. The drink we offer you is a good detoxifier and is recommended for decreasing excess cholesterol . It is prepared by adding two teaspoons of turmeric powder and one of ginger, a pinch of black pepper to 100 ml of coconut milk and half a glass of hot water. Sweeten with honey and drink it for at least two weeks. Alternatively, turmeric-based supplements can be used. We do not recommend it in case of hemorrhoids, pregnancy, ulcers, stones, hemophilia.

3) Artichoke, a classic remedy

The artichoke is the best known and most used remedy in the liver purification. It performs a rather important diuretic function that allows the elimination of cholesterol stones and to make a preventive action from this point of view. It is used to stimulate bile secretion and drainage of the liver ducts.

Also essential in case of hepatic steatosis (fatty liver). The functional principle is cinarin. Generally, we recommend the capsules or the mother tincture diluted in a nice glass of water or fruit juice rather than drinking the infusion with a rather strong and bitter taste.

4) Milk thistle for liver drainage

The milk thistle is a Mediterranean plant rich in active ingredients (silymarin and silybin) thanks to which it was responsible for some important beneficial actions, such as the ability to stimulate liver function and reduce inflammation. Milk thistle is useful in case of hepatitis and after a long drug therapy. To people who use more than the right amount of alcohol and who smoke heavily. In general, thistle is useful for regenerating and protecting liver tissue. We recommend tincture, dry extracts or herbal tea to be taken twice a day preferably at the change of season or if necessary. If you suspect a calculosis, milk thistle is not the suitable plant. In fact, it stimulates the production of bile and therefore could move any hidden stones. It can be taken in herbal tea or in the form of dry extract capsules.

5) Dandelion, to be taken gradually

The dandelion is a medicinal healing plant also known by the name of dandelion. Noteworthy are the properties of expelling excess cholesterol produced by the liver and diuretic. It is an excellent adjuvant to combine with dietary regimes or in case of water retention, urinary tract problems and cellulite. It is instead contraindicated in case of gastric reflux or digestive tract disorders. Dandelions can be taken in the form of herbal tea or tablets. It is advisable to take the dandelion gradually, so as not to push the purification too much, precisely because it is very effective.

6) Rosemary, much more than an aroma

The rosemary herbal medicine is considered a tonic remedy in general and cleansing. To purify the liver, its best form is in gemmoderivato, a sweet extract from the first buds of the plant. It is taken before meals, in a little water, also to regulate appetite.

7) Wheat grass, the green that purifies

The wheat grass is powder or fresh, and is considered a powerful cleansing the body, particularly the liver. Contains vitamins, minerals and chlorophyll, which strengthen the body and also help the liver function better. It is very effective in the morning as a first drink because it also has a mineralizing effect. You can combine a spoonful of wheat grass powder with fruit smoothies or vegetable extracts, to which it gives a beautiful bright green color.

8) Aloe, the bitter juice friendly to the liver

The aloe juice is a detoxifying beverage most commonly used for liver treatment and intestines. With its bitter taste, typical of depuratives, it performs various functions: it soothes the mucous membrane of the stomach, promotes cleansing of the intestine and helps the liver to eliminate its toxins. Excellent a glass, before meals, for at least two months.

9) Apple juice, always purifying

The apple is rich in numerous beneficial substances for the liver, in particular pectin and malic acid. Apple juice is used in synergy in different liver cleansing techniques, but it is also effective on its own, the important thing is to make a cure with at least two glasses of pure apple juice per day, for a month.

10) Cumin, a small seed with great properties

Cumin has digestive, purifying and stimulating properties of the liver and biliary tract. It can be used in the kitchen to add a touch of flavor to dishes, and as an herbal tea at the end of a meal, perhaps together with fennel, mint and milk thistle for a pleasant and effective synergy.

11) Chicory, for liver health

The Chicory is native to South Africa with distribution in Europe and much of the rest of the world. Chicory has a mild laxative action. It is rich in vitamins and mineral salts. It stimulates digestion and has a marked draining action on the liver. Inulin also protects the intestines from colon cancer. Chicory is eaten in a salad or as a hot drink to replace coffee. Acts favorably on cholesterol and blood sugar levels. It helps the stomach in case of gastritis or digestive difficulty. It is contraindicated in case of pregnancy or stones.

12) Ginger, a good liver detoxifier

Ginger is a root belonging to the zingiberaceae family. It is able to regulate cholesterol levels and cleanse the liver of accumulated waste. Ginger herbal tea is detoxifying and dissolves liver stones.

Preparing it is simple: you need a generous tip of a teaspoon of powdered ginger or, alternatively, 2 cubes of about 1 cm each side of fresh ginger. The cubes can keep the peel, just cut the surface with a knife so that the active ingredients are released into the infusion in a shorter time. If you prefer, you can also cut fresh ginger into thin slices, five are enough. subsequentlyyou need to boil for about forty minutes in the equivalent of a cup of water. Turn off, leave to infuse for a few minutes, strain and drink.

13) Crucifers are liver friendly

Cruciferous is the name that some vegetables have in common and to which particular detoxifying properties are attributed. Cabbage, Brussels sprouts, broccoli but also rocket with a strong and bitter taste belong to this group. Crucifers are eaten cooked and are contraindicated in case of hypothyroidism.

14) Chili pepper, an aid to cleanse the liver

The chili detoxifies the liver, reduces cholesterol levels and prevents some liver diseases such as fibrosis. The cream of carrots, ginger and chili peppers that we offer is highly purifying. Preparing it is easy.

What you need: a bunch of carrots, a liter of vegetable broth, an onion, a pinch of chilli pepper and ginger. Complete with EVO oil and salt to taste.

Preparation: Cut the carrots into chunks and brown them in a pan together with the onion, chilli pepper and ginger. Blend the mixture and add all the broth. Finish cooking. Serve with extra virgin olive oil and coriander.

15) Carrot, an excellent liver cleanser

The carrot is a great cleansing the liver. We can eat it cooked combined with other spices with the same properties or with vegetables that help the body’s purifying and draining functions such as fennel. We can take advantage of its purifying action by drinking its fresh juice.

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