White T-shirt: How to combine it for completely different looks

White T-shirt

The white t-shirt is a real must-have for summer and the advantage lies in its versatility! In how many ways can it be combined? Here are a few!

The white t-shirt is a truly inevitable piece in our wardrobe. This is because it is like an ace, which you can play to go to work on any day, perhaps combined with a high-waisted trousers and a cute sneakers, but also perfect for a more chic aperitif, combined with an over-sized jacket or a blazer with more feminine lines. To understand how to combine it in the best way, first we need to understand how our body is made to choose the garments based on the shapes of the physical.

In short, once you understand how to dress if we are short, if we have a flat bottom, or if we are too tall, we can safely choose one of the coolest and sexiest ways to wear the white t-shirt. Here are a few …

1) White T-shirt on jeans and high heels: a true classic!

The equation is: white t-shirt + jeans = wonder! There is no more natural combination: just choose the most suitable jeans for our body, the type of white t-shirt you prefer (even with writings or logos) and maybe a nice colored heel, from red to yellow, from fuchsia to blue electric, to give a touch of color to an otherwise very minimal outfit.

2) White T-shirt combined with short skirt

A fresher look? Combining the white t-shirt with a shorter skirt, sheath or bell. Light-hearted outfit if we combine it with a short bell-shaped skirt, perhaps in dark or colored jeans, and sneakers; look more sexy if the short skirt is in leather, black or worked, combined with a sandal or a heel. The versatility of this t-shirt is all that makes us love madly!

3) Shorts and white t-shirt: the combination of summer!

Matching the t-shirt to the shorts guarantees a fresh and very sexy look! Not to mention the convenience and freedom of wearing garments like these. Depending on the occasion, we can opt for a low, simple sneaker, perhaps with pastel or glittery colors; or for a sandal, perhaps Roman-style that rises sensual on the calf. Do not forget the accessories: to embellish this look, just a nice important necklace or a few maxi earrings!

4) How to combine the white t-shirt with an elegant garment

But the white t-shirt knows how to surprise us: even combined with softer and more elegant garments it makes a good impression. Try, for example, with a midi skirt with light and floating fabrics, combined with a minimal sandal or a pointed décolleté: the chic and elegant effect is guaranteed! And don’t forget the mini-bags as an accessory to close the look.

5) White T-shirt combined with the jacket: super chic!

And to never go wrong, any look you choose, combining the white t-shirt with a jacket is a guarantee of style and refinement, both in the sporty version and in the more chic version . Single color or patterned blazer; but also over-sized jackets with a vintage flavor; not to mention those with a masculine cut, perfect if combined with an important heel.

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