Considerations when turning your garage into a gym

Garages are useful for plenty of things: storage, more storage, the occasional car and, yes, more storage. However, have you ever thought about turning your garage into a gym? Imagine the savings on gym membership. Imagine, too, how much easier exercising could be if you only had to pop next door. If the idea appeals, what are the most important considerations?

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Suitability of the building

It is important to assess whether your garage is suitable for you to store potentially valuable equipment and whether it will be a comfortable place to exercise.

If your garage is damp, mould and mildew may be a problem. No-one wants their yoga mats turning black with mould or to breathe in spores. Better ventilation may alleviate the problem, as could the use of a dehumidifier. A good anti-mould paint on the walls can help keep it at bay.

Make sure you have adequate lighting. A single bare bulb in the centre of the ceiling might suffice when rummaging around for the Christmas decorations, but it’s unlikely to make you feel much like putting in the miles on your exercise bike. An electrician can advise you on mains-powered lighting, or you could try some of the motion-activated LED strip lights. You can locate an appropriately qualified electrician in your area through Electrical Safety First.

Clear the space

Your garage might not be large enough for all the equipment of a professional gym, but it’s important it’s spacious enough for you to move around in, safely and comfortably. It’s no good, for example, only being able to reach the weights by clambering over other equipment.

Sensible storage can help you keep the floor space clear. Smaller items, such as foldable mats, can be kept on garage shelving. Somewhere like will have a good range of shelves from which to choose.

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Add the finishing touches

Think about what makes a professional gym a pleasant place to spend time. A flat screen television in the corner may be beyond your budget, but decent music is easily achieved via a smartphone and a set of speakers. You may also want a large mirror on one wall. This can make the space seem lighter and brighter, which is a particularly important consideration if yours is a windowless garage. A small fridge can also be a nice touch.