Amino acids or proteins, a difficult decision

Amino acids or proteins

The sports supplementation is a help that most of those who practice exercise typically used to achieve better results or to perform workout routines in a more fruitful way. With regard to supplements, there is great doubt among the most used, protein shakes and amino acids. Both have a similar purpose, but nevertheless understood as the same are not, as in the body react differently.

Amino acids or proteins
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To make it easier to all, we want to dwell on the role that each of these supplements have on the body, as they vary greatly from one purpose and another when it enters the body and reaches the assimilation process. At the end the ultimate goal is to achieve greater muscle growth with both substances, but the way of acting is nothing similar but the base is the same both supplements, amino acids.

Amino acids or proteins, some nuances of each that make them different

First of all we must start from the basis that the protein you eat are the body digests and transforms into amino acids which then used at will depending on the needs of the same, i.e. returns to form proteins according to the demand of the organism. For amino acids, the body will assimilate and become the proteins according to the requirements. At first glance it seems that amino acids are more effective, but keep one point in mind, digestion, where all occurs and where we must consider the steps that follow these nutrients.

Protein digestion

First we will stop in protein supplements. Once ingested in the stomach starts the digestion process that vary greatly in time depending on what you’ve ingested, since it is not the same if we consume carbohydrates, fiber, depending on the origin of proteins … in the stomach proteins are broken down into different types of amino acids, i.e. they decompose in groups 1, 2, 3 and 4 amino acids are assimilated in the intestine.

Simple, more difficult to assimilate amino acids

Believe it or not amino acid chains 3 and 4 are easier to assimilate and pass into the blood immediately; the body can use them, while 1 and 2 take longer to assimilate. So when we consume simple amino acids have the problem of assimilation, which is slower and the body takes longer to save them, since they are usually made for 1 or 2 amino acids. While it is true that the market can find branched chains containing amino acids 3 and 4 amino acids that will facilitate the assimilation and use much of the same.

How to consume each

That is much more advisable to consume simple amino acids to go to sleep or wake up, because thus give time to our body assimilates correctly and can use them to strengthen the muscle fibers at the time of exercise. Instead, proteins are best taken after exercise. Although very good mix both in times of muscle growth. Visit for more tips and ideas on health.