Diet for patients with anorexia: 4 keys to consider


The perfect physical appearance, wanting to have the body of a model and look like a television star is an eagerness that has generated among the population of adolescents and some adults eating disorders epidemics. This time we will discuss the diet for patients with anorexia.

This disorder that some women suffer today, in which young women prevail, is known by the excessive restriction on the consumption of food. If someone you know stops eating for a long time, give them your help.

The consequences can be deadly. This disorder not only affects the physical health of the sufferer but also their mental health, which is equal or more important. It should be dealt with by specialists in the field.

Fortunately, the high degree of malnutrition and development and growth problems can be balanced with a good food plan. While there are many factors that must be known about anorexia, the one that refers to the diet is very important. If you’re looking for a Digital Clinic, you can visit sites such as Hinge Health.

4 keys to consider in a diet for patients with anorexia

In very general terms, a person suffering from anorexia should follow a plan with the characteristics that we will describe below. It is worth remembering that an individual with this condition needs the supervision and support of a specialist.

1. A light dietanorexia

Anorexia leads the individual to eliminate, almost entirely, the intake of food. If it is your case or that of a person who is going through this journey, it is important to start a diet with small amounts of food.

Make sure that fruits, vegetables, and nuts prevail. In the first stage, avoid dressings or sauces, as they have strong flavors and, in many cases, chemicals that the stomach no longer tolerates.

Try that the portions are small. It is preferable to make between five or six light meals to avoid causing digestive discomfort.

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2. Meals should be balanced

A diet for patients with anorexia should ensure that the body receives all the essential nutrients to regain its natural state. In this way, it is important that the greatest variety of foods be included.

If you are in the presence of a patient with advanced anorexia, start by sandwiching foods such as vegetables, fruits, vegetables, and nuts. All this ensures the greatest contribution of minerals and vitamins.

If on the contrary, the person tolerates more food, add the protein source, healthy fats, and whole grains. It is important to consult a specialist to also prescribe some type of multivitamin.

3. Attractive dishes in sightanorexia

Anorexia is based on the perspective of the patient on a wrong idea about food. For this reason, it is important to make sure you prepare dishes that are attractive to the viewer who rejects food.

Thus, the combination between taste and presentation is fundamental. We recommend that you prepare small portions, and that you work out how they look and how they can eat at any time.

4. Seek medical supervision

Combating anorexia is a difficult challenge to overcome for those who suffer from it and for their relatives. Therefore, it is essential that you seek the help of a nutrition professional, who will guide you in the process of acquiring good and better-eating habits.

5 essential foods to combat anorexia

Next, we will review 5 foods that are important to add to a diet for patients with anorexia. Thanks to its properties, this group of foods will provide the individual with the nutrients he needs to overcome this disorder.

1. Fishanorexia

There are many nutrients that contribute, including phosphorus, selenium, magnesium, iodine, and vitamins A and D. The proteins that fish has are difficult to digest so the patient will feel more satiety, and more energy and will not run risks of suffering diseases such as diabetes or cardiovascular problems.

2. Rice

It is good for maintaining sugar levels and is a great source of fiber if it is integral. Half a cup of rice -approximately 100 grams- provides 115 calories.

3. Nutsanorexia

These foods reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Patients with anorexia are prone to suffer from these conditions, hence the importance of including them in the diet.

4. Legumes

They should be included in the diet for patients with anorexia because they will help to avoid suffering from constipation, or from other conditions related to the colon and intestines.

5. Eggsanorexia

They are a rich source of proteins, which will help generate new cells. It will also benefit the functioning of the immune system and revitalize the transport of minerals to the body.

The diet for patients with anorexia should be strictly followed as indicated by a nutritionist. This eating disorder can be eradicated with a lot of patience and perseverance. But always by the hand of specialists: remember that your body will need time to recover its capabilities.

Like any delicate process, it requires a lot of discipline. And patience so that the objectives are achieved. In that sense, mental strength is very important. As it will allow you to continue despite the obstacles.

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