Post mix troubleshooting

Post mix is a term that refers to the drink system that mixes soft drink syrup with chilled water and carbon dioxide. This instantly creates a delicious, refreshing fizzy drink – but if you start to notice that the machine isn’t dispensing drinks properly, there could be a problem with the machine.

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Here are a few tips to help you fix your post mix machine.

If the drink is coming out warm

If the machine is producing warm drinks, check that the power is switched on, that the cooler has an ice bank and that the pumps are all running smoothly. If everything seems fine, check the ventilation grill isn’t blocked by dust. If the grill is blocked, you can clean it with a tough hand brush.

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If the drink is still

If you are trying to making fizzy drinks but they are coming out flat, it could be caused by a loss of C02. This problem is fairly common. You can fix the issue by checking that the C02 bottle isn’t empty. If it is, change the bottle and purge the system by pulling at least eight pints of drink from each tap. Start with the tap that is furthest away from the C02 bottle.

If the problem is still happening, check that the glassware is clean. Dishwashers can leave a residue on glasses that makes drinks flat; if so, you may need to replace your dishwasher or your glassware.

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If the drinks are too fizzy

Check that the stopcock that supplies the carbonator is turned on to full, and then check the mains water supply to make sure that it is producing enough water. If everything seems fine, check that the C02 bottle is properly connected and turned on, and then check that the carbonator is connected and switched on.

If you notice a red light flashing on the carbonator, you can reset the system by switching it off at the mains. Leave the system switched off for at least five seconds before you turn it back on. If the carbonator is now running, you will need to purge the system (with at least eight pints of drink through each tap) before you can use it normally.