Healthy Lunch for Kids

Healthy Lunch for Kids

Sometimes idea for homemade lunches for kids is far less attractive than shopping around the corner. But you can save your cash and enhance your kids’ health with healthy lunch ideas below. For instance, a balanced lunch can include some vegetables and fruit (a carrot and an apple), some grain products (half pita) and serving of meat or tuna.

Take kid for grocery shopping and let him select his favorite foods. To prepare a healthy lunch take turkey, cold cooked meat such as ham, beef or chicken, tuna, wheat bread and some vegetables. Try to skip eggs, oil and mayonnaise to lessen the fat and cholesterol. Mix a few of your favorite ingredients, and see what happens!

It is rather hard to store food properly. Use insulated lunch boxes or bags with frozen ice or gel packs for food safety. Many of them can be made in the evening the day before and then saved for lunch. This saves on clean-up time. Pack foods in the lunch box in the morning.

Lunch may be enjoyable! Try to prepare nutritious and interesting lunches for your kids. Involve your children in planning lunches as they will eat more willingly a lunch that they have chosen. Get them different kinds of breads, like whole grain tortillas, pitas or bagels, sandwich fixings, and then add some healthy additions. Little ones especially love the fun possibilities.

Be creative while selecting foods for your children’s lunches. Keep them interested with lunches containing a variety of tastes, colors and textures. Offer various types of products in different combinations.  For example, applying pita, flatbread, tortilla, or cereal instead of bread can make lunch more interesting for your kid. Try some combinations for lunch such as grain crackers with a cheese; fresh cut fruits mixed into yogurt; combined raisins, dried apricots, and apple with pumpkin; yogurt and oatmeal muffin and so on.

Don’t forget to make your dessert a delicious part of lunch. Use fresh fruits for dessert instead of candy or cookies. You can mix apple sauce with syrup, honey, jelly, cinnamon, or even add a small part of chocolate bar. Those mouthwatering desserts may be tasty and nourishing.

Just like adults when your kid is hungry he will look for some unhealthy junk food if there is no tasty healthy foods at his fingertips. Keep in mind that healthy school lunches provide children with nutrients they need for their growth, development, and give kid the energy to study at school.