How do people get frown lines?

Your face will change throughout your lifetime. Growing from a child to an adult can be the most dramatic transformation, but changes continue into adulthood. Your face can change shape due to weight changes, pregnancy changes, fitness changes and injuries. You will see wrinkles on your face in areas where you move your muscles, like around your eyes, mouth and forehead. These deeper wrinkles can be harder to remove than frown lines.

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What causes frown lines?

The vertical lines between your eyebrows are called frown lines or worry lines. These lines are caused by your forehead muscles contracting as you furrow the brows. They may become more noticeable as you age from using certain facial expressions. The tissue around muscles may have developed wrinkles over time.

How can I get rid of frown lines?

People often find that frowning lines between their eyebrows can make them appear angry or serious even when they are not. You might worry that these “11 lines”, which appear between your eyebrows, give people an incorrect impression of you. You may dislike having deep wrinkles on your face, and wish to remove them. For Botox Exeter, consult with

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Does Frowning Cause Wrinkles?

Expression lines result from all facial expressions – not just frowning. As you make facial expressions like smiling, laughing or frowning the muscle traces start to appear. The result of this is lines around the mouth and eyes, lines horizontally on your forehead and frown lines in between your eyebrows.

As you age, the expression lines in your face may become more visible. You may lose skin elasticity and firmness. Fat loss can also make your skin appear thinner, and bones look more prominent. The connective tissue in the skin and cartilage also weakens, resulting in looser skin, which reveals more expression lines.