How to style a classic fisherman’s jumper

The fisherman’s sweater is a timeless classic that can be styled in a multitude of different ways while keeping you warm and comfortable. The problem can be in deciding what style would really suit you. Let’s take a look at some of the options.
What is a fisherman sweater?

First off, let’s just clarify what we mean by a fisher man sweater. These are jumpers that are denser as a result of the knitting style but aren’t as heavy or bulky as some people fear. You can learn more about the history of the fisherman sweater and its place in the contemporary fashion world on the BBC website here.

Curvaceous appeal

Curvy women may baulk at the idea of wearing what they think is a really chunky knit. But true fisherman’s jumpers aren’t too bulky and can look amazing on curves, especially when teamed with leggings, skinny jeans, or slim-fitting trousers. Narrow legs can offset the less-fitted nature of the sweater while creating a classic look that can suit any age.

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Pop of colour

A fisherman sweater is perfect for creating a classic outfit and a cream version will look perfect with blue, black, white and denim shades. Don’t be afraid to add a touch of individuality to your look, however. Inject exciting pops of colour with your shoes, hat, or scarf to really elevate your outfit.

Keep it simple

The fisherman sweater is similar to patterned tops in that it needs to be balanced out with plainer bottoms. Team it with high-waisted, simple skirts, jeans, or trousers. Tuck up the sweater’s hem a little and show off that waist!

Give shoes the boot

One of the best things about the colder months is being able to wear great boots and these are the perfect accompaniment to a fisherman sweater. Whether you choose knee-highs, ankle boots, or a pair of stomping DMs or biker boots, they will look great paired with thick tights and a skirt, jeans, or leggings and that all-important sweater, of course.

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