Makeup For Valentine’s Day 2017


Nothing left to Valentine and secure that you are turning to how makeup for your most romantic date night of February 14. For this, in this article, we are going to show the best make-up or make up for Valentine and that ye be great depending on the type of appointment you have. Come with us!

On February 14 is the perfect place to meet our partner day, and not surprisingly, we want to be perfect, beautiful and well made-up for our guys. The day is very long, depending on the time and the plan we have in Valentine we will be massaged in one way or another.

We are going to tell you how to make up if you have your appointment in the morning, afternoon or evening so that you are very beautiful.

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Makeup for Valentine’s Day 2017 – In the morning simple makeup

As we said according to when we have the appointment with our boy, in this case, in the morning we will make up in a way. Let’s mention to how makeup Valentine morning.

Simple makeup for Valentine’s Day 2017 – Arabian outline

If, for example ye remain to drink coffee, eat at an Italian or any plan in the morning the makeup you have to take is something simple, but where highlight your most striking features, usually eyes and lips. As for the eyes delineated eye most favorable is the Arabic and good mascara.

Lips with lips painted red or fuchsia will be a good idea. As advice, to accompany the makeup is the hairstyle and haircut, if you have it long leave it loose and with movement. I am sure you’d like to know more about Valentine’s hairstyles.

Simple makeup for Valentine’s Day 2017 – Outlined gating

Another example of a simple makeup for a morning appointment that you will be perfect and beautiful is with a catlike outlined.

To achieve it the best thing is that you take the eyebrows very well shaved and profiled. Also you can add a touch light pink for eyelids and thus get a romantic touch.

For those with a clear face (pale skin) you can apply the same pink tone on the bottom, as shown in the following image, on the upper eyelid on the bottom.

With this type of eyes, we recommend use for lips a good gloss to give more volume and with a little color.

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Makeup with special touch for Valentine’s Day 2017

The symbol that best represents love and, taking advantage of is the day of love, can painted me on the cheekbone one heart, as we show in the picture below.

It will be a very original element that nobody will carry, besides if it is discrete it will look great and will favor you.

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Makeup for Valentine’s Day 2017 – Evening natural makeup

The makeup that you will never fail is the natural makeup, that based on neutral tones, ideal for girls with a normal tone of skin where you do not need much makeup to look good.

For this makeup it is best eyes, so the star is carry no you pintéis lips, and the color that best will remain is the rose.

It is a natural look in love, is that confident women themselves take because they do not need to go much made-up to be beautiful.

Makeup for Valentine’s Day 2017 – Accessories (eyewear)

For girls who wear glasses we will also advise on how makeup course with the glasses because it is an accessory that helps a lot. The glasses are a perfect ally, if you carry are pasta painted me lips with a color that matches well.

If the plan that you are going to have with your partner is in the afternoon care with the makeup, that is, it depends on the type of appointment you have to makeup them according, because otherwise it can be overloaded.

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Makeup for Valentine’s Day 2017 – Night make up step by step

If what you have is a plan night, as a Valentine ‘s dinner, you have to make good traits to highlight them , it is time to makeup as professionals, we are going to teach the make up or step by step to go perfect .

In these nine steps, you will be perfect to celebrate the day of love with your partner. What do you think?

Make the base: Apply the foundation on the forehead, nose and sides of the face. Then extend it with your fingers until it is well, homogeneous.

Blurs imperfections: The checker that you have at home, cover dark circles and other imperfections that have.

Illuminate the eyelids: Apply yourself a shadow color on the eyelid above (the color that you favor), as under the lower lashes.

Cheek eyes: The trick to paint the eye line is to mark half the lower lash line and brush stumping.

Deepening look: For it is best to use eyeliner, once you have outlined eyes have to paint the line of the upper eyelid.

Mascara for eyelashes: A good mascara to comb eyelashes, both above as below to highlight the look.

Comb eyebrows: Give shape eyebrows, for it utilized an eyebrow pencil.

Light to face: To be perfect it is necessary to illuminate cheekbones, for it is best to apply a light shade of pink.

Lips: The finishing touch to be ready for the event, is to paint the lips in a red tone and apply it gently on the cheeks.