How to send large attachments

send large attachments

You’re looking at every way to send a very heavy attachment to a friend (e.g. A video or an archive with a data database), but via email we cannot because the file exceeds the upload limits of your inbox electronic and / or those of the receipt of your friend’s box. You must prepare to put everything on a USB stick and hand over the person files. Never! With the guidance of fact, today I want to explain how to do to be able to send large attachments without wasting time and without having to stage excessively long procedures and impractical.

To be able to send large attachments just turn to third-party services, available online and thinking precisely for the purpose in question. Alternatively, you can resort to the use of some special cloud storage solutions that can be exploited directly by email and can be more or less comfortable depending on the circumstances. In all cases, however, this need not worry; you will not do anything too complicated. The solutions for sending large attachments I am going to point you in fact can be used by everyone, even by less experienced when it comes to new technologies, without any particular problems.

Then? You can know what are you still standing there? It begins to put very comfortable before your trusty computer and begins to concentrate on my reading this tutorial all dedicated to how to send large attachments. I’m sure that eventually you will be able to tell you more than satisfied not only too happy had discovered. What do you say, we bet?

send large attachments
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The first solution that I would suggest to take to be able to send large attachments is Filemail. It is a convenient free online service that allows you to easily share files up to 2 GB. Eye, is not the usual hosting service, because simulates the mechanism of e-mail attachments by sending to the recipient of an e-mail message file containing the link to download the data from its servers. If you want to find out do to serve, please continue reading.

To send large attachments through Filemail, the first step you need to take is to connect to the service website and enter either your e-mail address (in the range from (e-mail) and address of the person to whom want to send the attachment of large dimensions (e-mail).

Then enter the message subject in the field Subject, type a personal message to the data in the field Message (e.g. A description or reminder of what they contain) and proceed to uploading files to be sent as an attachment by clicking first on the button Add File (to select / file) and then Send (to start the expedition). If necessary, before sending the message, you can also select an entire folder of files by clicking on the button Add Folder.

At this point, it will start uploading the file and upon completion of the procedure (the duration depends on the size of uploaded files and the speed of your Internet connection) will open a page with a confirmation of shipment and a link, what will be automatically sent to your friend by Filemail and allow you to easily download the file that you shared.

After uploading, Filemail we will send an e-mail with the download link and all the instructions to download the shared file to your friend. The file can be downloaded for up to ten times and within three days, after which the service will be deleted from the server.


The service for sending large attachments that I proposed in the previous lines has not been able to attract your attention in a particular way? Then I suggest you turn to WeTransfer. This is another great online service, which in its basic version allows you to upload up to 2GB of free online data or make any recordings. The only bad thing is that the links generated prejudice only available for 7 days after which they are deleted.

To start sending large attachments via WeTranser, connected to the service’s website and click on the first Take me to Free and then click Agree. Then presses the button Add Files and select the files to be shared.

Then fill in the fields Send an email to and your e-mail indicating the e-mail address of the recipient and your files and start the upload of data by clicking on the button Transfer. If desired, you can type a message in the text field and get it (along with the link to download the file) to the people indicated in the e-mail of a friend.

Now leaves open the WeTransfer card and, after uploading, the service will automatically send you the link to download the file to all recipients. To download, simply click on the button Download in the email content of WeTransfer and select Download in the Web page that opens. Users who receive email to download the file will not be required to register for the service.

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Another good service that you can hang into account to send large attachments is Files2U. This free solution allows you to send a maximum of 35 files of 3.3 GB in size to five different users. To use it, you should not make any registration and also allows you to receive e-mail notification when the recipient receives and download the file that we sent. The only thing to be taken into account and to use the service you need to have installed the software Java on your computer.

To start using File2U, the first step you need to take is to connect to the service’s website and complete the form that is proposed to you by typing your name at the field Your First Name and Your Last Name, your email address e at the field your Email address, e-mail addresses of the people you want to send a large file at the field Recipient Email (maximum 5 addresses separated by commas) and the message you want to associate with Annex at field Message.

Set then Yes or No in the dropdown menu the Notify When Download OCCURS? Depending on whether you want to receive email notifications when recipients receive and download the files you’ve sent them, choose the voice Yes, I agree from the drop down menu Agree to the terms and conditions? To accept the conditions of service and then click the button Upload Files to continue the procedure.

In the window that opens, presses the button Run to authorize Files2U to execute components in Java and wait while the file of the service manager is loaded. Then uses the box placed on the left side of the page to select which you want to send and then served in the drop-down menu in the upper left to navigate through the folders on your computer. Then click first on the blue arrow that goes to the right and then on the button Start Upload to start its shipment.

A complete loading procedure, the recipients of the file will receive an email message with a link and a PIN. To download the file will connect to the link and enter your PIN in the message to start the file download.


In a guide on how to send large attachments, they cannot tell you about MEGA. It is born of service from the ashes MegaUpload and thanks to which you can store and share up to 50 GB of data free of charge. The data are to be protected with an encryption system that makes files hosted on its servers inaccessible to unauthorized users.

To create a free account on MEGA linked to its home page and click Create Account located in the upper right. So fill out the form that is proposed to you, presses the button Create Account and confirm your identity by clicking on the link received by email.

When the operation is completed, choose to activate the free plan of the service and upload the files (or folders) to be shared on your online space with a drag-and-drop, or by dragging them in the MEGA main screen.

Wait then upload that comes to an end after which you will receive the link to the file or folder, right-clicking on them and selecting Get link from the menu that pops up. You can then choose whether to share a link including key to decrypt the data, or whether to provide the unlock key separately.

Google Drive and Gmail

If you have an email address Gmail can send large attachments also via Google Drive, the cloud storage service Google already available for your account that allows you to share up to 15 GB of data free of charge.

To use Google Drive instead of the standard attachments Gmail system (which enables the large up to 25 MB) file sharing, connected to your inbox through your browser, start composing a new message and click on the logo Google drive that is located at the bottom right. In the box that appears, select the tab Upload, click the button Select files from your computer, select the files to share, and presses the button Upload.

As well as I have just indicated, you can post using Google Drive and sharing large files by copying the link. How? For starters connected to Google Drive main page and then click on the button New located at the top right and press it on the item Uploading files attached to the menu that you are shown.

Now select the file on your computer that you want to send to other users and wait for the upload of the latter on Google Drive is started and completed. As well as I have just shown you, you can upload files to Google Drive also dragging the item on which you intend to work from your computer at the service window open in your Web browser.

Now, locate the file in the browser window that was uploaded to Google Drive, right-click on it and from the menu that is displayed will select the entry Share … . Then click Get condivisile link located at the top right of the window. Finally, click on the button End.

At this point, you’ll be shown a link to copy that you provide to anyone who desires to send large attachments to Google Drive. But make sure that the Google Drive window by which you have been provided the link is selected, the voice Anyone with the link can see to make sure that everyone can see the files you shared through links

If you prefer, you can use Google Drive for sending large files even from your computer, through the dedicated client, or from your smartphone or tablet, via the official app of the service.

Onedrive and Outlook

A procedure in some ways similar to that mentioned above can also be performed with onedrive. The service offers 5 GB of storage space at no cost, is designed as a tool to make life easier for Windows users and other Redmond company’s products and is perfect if used in coupled to a mail address, Hotmail or Live.

To take advantage onedrive to send large attachments from, connected to your e-mail via browser box, start composing a new message, and select the icon of the paper clip located at the bottom.

In the box that appears, click on the tab Computer placed on the left, select the file on your computer you wish to share and select the option Upload and attach files as OneDrive. The recipient can then download the data to OneDrive freely, without having to register or authenticate it in any way.

As well as I have just shown you, you can send large attachments through OneDrive obtaining and sharing the link element relative to which you intend to go into action. To do this, connect to the service’s website and click on the button Login placed at the top right to access your account.

Later, drag the file into the browser window that you intend to share, wait while the upload procedure in motion and then completes then select it, right-click on it and choose the voice Share from the menu that you are shown.

Once that is done, you will need to choose the sharing mode that most prefer among those that are proposed to you. If you choose to share the file through the link, copy the link displayed on the screen by clicking on the button Copy and paste it into an e-mail message, in a message on Facebook or wherever you deem appropriate.