5 Helpful Fashion Tips for College Freshmen

Freshman year in college can be stressful. There is a lot of pressure with school work, tests, and fitting in. Some fashion tips can help alleviate some of the tension. You don’t have to spend that much either to keep up with the local fashion.

Many college freshmen feel a lot of pressure to fit in. There can be, but it depends on the group you hang out with. Don’t be afraid to define your own fashion. Freshmen can’t typically afford expensive clothing. Popular name brand sneakers and jeans will do if you are comfortable in them. Develop a budget to invest in stuff that lasts for a while and looks good.

Be Flexible in Your Choices

The more flexible you are, the better the chances of finding fashionable clothing that is affordable. It doesn’t even have to be a top brand. The big brands tend to set the trends, but there are smaller ones that look quite classy, yet are priced more reasonably. Discounts can be found at neighborhood stores and online shops; even popular outlets come out with deals so you can save on cool t-shirts and other clothing.

Look Around Before Classes Start

Some colleges have different fashion trends than others. If people are dressing up for morning classes, you don’t want to stand out looking slobby, but if kids are sitting in their first class of the day looking like they just woke up, there’s less pressure. Visit campus or ask around. It’ll be easier to pack if you know what cloths to take and which ones to leave behind.

Think About Having Fun

In college, a theme party can pop up at any time. Take along some old costumes from Halloween, or spunky leggings or t-shirts. Don’t be afraid to spread a message either. You can wear an I love the smell of sawdust in the morning shirt and get away with it. People may take a second look, but it can be an excellent conversation starter.

Go to the Web

Online clothing and fashion sites can help a college freshman keep up with the times. Virtually every store and brand has a website, so all you need to do is browse the catalog and pull out a credit card if something looks good. Quick deliveries can mean making your fashion statement impactful during your first semester.

Go with Less Expensive Shoes

There are many opportunities to botch up expensive shoes in college. You’re better off with cheaper footwear during a casual outing or a frat party. It also saves time. You won’t have to scrub clean a top-brand pair the next day. There are indeed some cool shoes, and other fashionable clothing, that works great for college freshmen.