It’s time to declutter your clothing.

The days of having a wardrobe full of one hit wonders and disposable clothing is coming to an end. It’s time to look at your wardrobe and say “ok, what needs to go”. You’d be much better off getting something like a design classic along the lines of some Womens Aran Sweaters. They are beautiful, practical and never go out of style. You can find some great Womens Aran sweaters from Shamrock Gift. However lets focus on having a bit of clearout first.

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The first thing to do is look at each individual piece and think “goes it give me joy”, as per the Marie Kondo approach. The second thing to ask is whether you have actually worn it in the last few months or so. If it’s only come out once, or it’s not even made it past the front door then you should definitely give it to charity or, if you think it can find a happy home, try and sell it on social media. You do have to be pretty ruthless when faced with the amount of clothes we have. The situation is getting worse. We throw away so much that the global textile waste figure keeps on rising and rising. So, the replacements that we seek should be as greenly produced as possible and be of a design that you know you are going to wear until it falls apart.

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Let’s use the space that we have gained in a smarter way. Try and get to organise the wardrobe more. Perhaps you should look at it and have a seasonality to it or allocation. Maybe there should be a formal and informal zone or a place where you have your regulars and standbys away from the fancy and informal.

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