Tips for Bonding with Your Horse

Your horse is more than a pet; he’s your companion. Building a strong bond is essential if you’re to work together. Here are a few tips to help you strengthen your bond with your equine friend.

Walk Together

Before getting in the saddle, hand walk your horse. You show him that you’re the leader and you are there to keep him safe. The more you walk together, the more familiar and easy it becomes. Your horse may even start to look forward to these moments with you.

Do More than Just Train

Training is an excellent way to exercise for your horse. Setting up a course in the ring complete with some used horse jumps can help to build his endurance. It’s not all about work, though. You also need to set some time aside for play. Spending time with your horse relaxing and giving him plenty of love are essential.

Spend Time Grooming

Grooming doesn’t just get the dirt out of your horse’s hair and keep him clean. It’s also a great way to bond. You’ll learn his favorite places to be scratched, ticklish spots, and the areas of his body that might make him a little nervous. You’ll also be doing him a favor by getting to those pesky spots he can’t quite reach on his own.

Try a Massage

Take some time to learn a little equine massage. The art of therapeutic touch can teach your horse that he can rely on you for relaxation and comfort, and he’ll likely enjoy the time you spend together as you help ease any aches or sore muscles.

Pay Attention to Your Attitude

Horses are sensitive creatures. If you’re always anxious and let it show, your horse is likely to feel it, too. By association, he may become anxious. Instead, try to remain calm and collected. If you do, your horse will come to think of you as a safe, reliable person to be around, and that can help to strengthen your bond even more.

Horses make incredible companions. Taking time to build a relationship with yours can help to ensure a long-lasting, unbreakable bond.