Six Great Cab Accessories

If you’re an HGV driver, you can often feel that you spend more time in your cab than you do at home. Long shifts on the road and overnight stays can leave you craving a little bit of comfort in your cab.

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Let’s take a look at six great cab accessories that will brighten up your long days away, add some home comforts and make trips away more bearable.

Gadget Holder

Everyone has technology in their vehicles these days, whether they drive professionally or not. But it’s important that you stay on the right side of the law. The government provides guidance on the dos and don’ts of using mobile phones and sat navs while driving.

A universal holder will make sure that you can use your phone or sat nav in a safe hands-free manner when driving, and when you’re on a break you can always pop your tablet in there to watch a film while you eat your lunch.

Don’t forget that any gadgets or equipment you have in your van will need to be covered on your HGV Insurance, and companies like can provide you with competitive quotes.

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Portable TV

If you’re regularly away overnight and want some entertainment, then a portable TV could be right up your street. There is a great range on the market these days, including slimmer and smaller TVs often with Freeview built in. They’re also great for caravans if you have one.

Cooking Equipment

Staying in your cab overnight can often make it difficult to prepare food. But why not consider a small portable electric or gas stove? You might only get one ring, but it’s enough to heat up healthy, satisfying food from home.


If you’re going to bring food with you on your trips, then a small portable fridge or cool box is a must-have. As well as keeping food cold, it’s also great for drinks on those long hot days in the cab.

Multi-Way Adapter

Of course, all these gadgets and appliances need to be plugged in, and a multi-way adapter is great to ensure you don’t have to keep swapping plugs around.


Brighten up your cab space with LED lights. Not just for Christmas, these lightweight, easy-to-install lights are great when you are reading, texting, gaming or dozing.