Kuri is a robot for the home, the first of an army that will conquer our halls


We have talked on many occasions about personal assistants. Cortana, Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, Viki, Bixby … It is only the first step of an evolution in which we do not pass from the embryonic stage. They assist us, but nothing more. We bring us buying or we close the paper from the kitchen.

And it is that this seems like science fiction (today no longer as much as a few years ago) is something increasingly closer. A concept in which artificial intelligence increasingly offers more surprising results (awesome video) and the brands and companies have fixed their goals here not too long. One is Bosch, who in his bid for the Internet of Things want to go home with Kuri.

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This is a personal assistant, a robot designed to communicate with users seeking to offer their services at home helping in day to day. It is not just a matter of asking something and responding, but asking for action and carrying it out.

Powered by Mayfield Robotics, a robot Kuri is 50 centimeters high and its operation includes a set of sensors that allow the day to day activities autonomously develop. Thanks to the implementation of these detection systems is able to move freely throughout the house. So mount an HD camera behind one of your eyes along with four microphones to interact with our voice and move on three wheels.

Kuri is also able to interact not only with the inhabitants of the house but can serve as a warning against unwanted movement. It can thus give situations in which Kuri can warn if it detects some strange presence or if for example we want the audio system.

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Kuri has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in order to control some devices in the home. For this it has an integrated processor that is responsible for managing navigation and recognition of images and voice.

With a design that many can recoder to Eve, the female lead of Wall-E, the limitation now offers is not having support for third – party applications and services. It would be desirable that you could integrate for example with services such as Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, Samsung SmartThings, Philips Hue or Google Home to name just a few.

Price and availability

Kuri is now available for booking on the web HeyKuri this signal must leave a $ 100 to be deducted from the total price will stand at about $ 700. Shipments are expected to begin later this year.