Honeymoon ideas: On a honeymoon cruise

honeymoon cruise

The cruise does not always appear positively among the honeymoon ideas. Maybe because when we talk about honeymoon we imagine romantic or adventurous scenarios. Or that crystalline postcard sea that we often see on brochures or magazines. But who says that on honeymoon cruise you can’t find all this?

As a cruiser I am, I can say that the cruise was a discovery: the perfect solution to experience a trip and, at the same time, relax. And this, after the stress of marriage preparations, can prove to be an excellent combination. But these are not the only reasons to choose a cruise: there is much more. The ship is a “floating” hotel that offers everything you could wish for. From an aperitif by the pool admiring a sunset over the sea, to a gala dinner, to a theatrical show. But the ship can also be intimate and welcoming, perhaps with a breakfast in the cabin or with a wellness treatment. And if all this is lived in couple it becomes a special, romantic experience and why not, fun! And I often recommend the newlyweds to include it in their honeymoon ideas. Also, enjoy the flights to Cayman Islands.

Did I intrigue you? Then follow me on board!

Honeymoon ideas: The cruise

There are numerous companies cruise sailing the seas around the world. Small ships, large ships, sailing ships, yachts for each pair its size. Comfort, luxury, simplicity for each of them a unique style. Technology, tradition, modernity to choose how to travel. Fun, adventure, exploration to decide what to do.

Every cruise ship has peculiarities that make them unique: intimacy in small ones, fun in large ones, adventure in sailing ships and originality in yachts.


For a honeymoon, the choice of a cruise itinerary follows the couple’s times and passions.

The crossings start from the 7-day classics and can even reach 21 if we choose the transatlantic or combined or around the world. However, there are also mini-stays.

But how to choose the itinerary that’s right for us? Nothing could be simpler! Is our passion only and exclusively the sea? Then a tour of the Caribbean or Indian Ocean suns will be our destination. Do we want to dive into history? The Mediterranean will be our choice. Are cities of art our favorites? The Baltic republics, then, await us! Do you want nature and unspoiled panoramas? The choice is certainly Northern Europe.

And we could go on: an adventure in South America, or in Asia or a thousand and one nights in the Middle East. The world is available!


Choosing a good honeymoon accommodation on a cruise is essential. You will spend a lot of time on board, especially if the itinerary includes full days of navigation. And a stop in the cabin, even just to relax, is a daily stop.

On board, there are categories to define the cabins, and are located on almost all ship decks. And the higher the bridge, the more the category, the amenities and the price go up. Internal cabins (no facing), external (window or porthole) and balcony (equipped balcony) are on all decks while junior suites (bedroom and sitting room) or suite (also two bedrooms and sitting room with butler and plus available) are generally on the highest bridges.

Living the cabin is also part of the journey: if we want more comfort we choose higher categories, if instead we have no pretensions we opt for a low one. Everything will still be accurate!


Choosing the honeymoon cruise means giving yourself experiences. Already in the early morning. Because a sunrise over the sea can change the day. Having breakfast on the balcony of the cabin while the ship glides through the harbor is intimate and suggestive. Going down to a different port every day is adventurous. A swim in the pool , a stroll on the promenade, the shopping in the boutiques, exercise in the gym, a nice aesthetic treatment in the Spa make afternoons by the pleasant and relaxing. The restaurant is the most appreciated experience thanks, also, to the possibility to choose from more than one restaurant allowing anyone to satisfy their palate. But watch out for the line! It’s easy to get fat on a cruise.

And the night is to be experienced: a disco dance, an episode in the Casino, an opera at the theater, a cocktail in a pub. Animation is not missing if we want to make our day even more sparkling!

In short, the cruise is suitable for couples. It is the emotion that continues after the wedding celebration. Despite the size of these ships, meeting in a cruise deck is simple and unforgettable. Everything is studied in detail to give the newlyweds something more and wish them a life of many wonderful moments, just like those lived on board.

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