Travel Ideas For Young People: 10 Recommended Destinations

With the arrival of a few beautiful days, summer no longer seems so far away, whether you are young or as a couple I have collected 10 travel ideas for young people for you!

10 travel ideas for young people

The best destinations, at low prices, where to have fun, relax and discover stories and cultures of new peoples.

Travel ideas for young people in Europe

We start with 5 destinations in Europe, easy to reach and absolutely to see once in a lifetime.

Benidorm, Costa Blanca, Spain

The first destination for young people that I want to offer you is Benidorm, in Spain. A place that is very popular in the summer, on the Costa Blanca. Perfect if you are looking for kilometer-long beaches with fine white sand, nightlife and cheap hotel facilities.

The two most beautiful beaches on the coast are surely Playa Levante and Playa Ponente where every day hundreds of clubs and small bars on the beach offer entertainment and tasty aperitifs until sunset.

There are also two beautiful theme parks in Benidorm: Acqualandia and Terra Mitica, while if you are looking for exclusive discos, the most popular and loved ones are Ku and Penelope. Continue reading about a travel nurses employed by Triage Staffing.

Croatia, from Pula to Pag

Even Croatia, often overlooked, offers a lot. Hotel facilities and life in general are cheap and this makes it the ideal half of trips for young people.

Starting from Italy, the first place of interest you come across is Pula, in Istria. An ancient town, where you will also hear Italian, overlooking four beautiful beaches full of clubs and beach bars.

Going down, you get to Pag, a place of nightlife and fun. This island is defined as the Croatian Ibiza, in summer it is filled with young people who crowd the beaches and discos in the area. Finally, we have Dubrovnik, full of events and events 365 days a year. Here is also the famous “Dubrovnik Festival” with concerts and live events, which attracts thousands of young people from all over Europe.

Greece and its islands

Greece, with its many islands, is the perfect destination for any type of holiday. Whether you are looking for fun, or you want to immerse yourself in the nature and culture of this people, here you can find what is right for you.

In fact, Greece offers a very vast tourist panorama.

The Cyclades islands are those most popular with young people, especially in summer.

In particular, Santorini, Corfu and Mykonos, full of nightlife and fun. If you prefer less crowded locations, you can opt for Rhodes or, better yet, Crete. Obviously, I recommend you to go to Athens, rich in ancient history and architectural beauties.

Ibiza, Spain

I could not fail to include Ibiza, the island that never sleeps, on this list. The youth resort par excellence with its world-famous discos. In the summer, it becomes super crowded and you are a lover of electronic or commercial music, prepared to attend shows held by the most famous DJs in the world: from David Guetta to Paul Kalkbrenner.

Every afternoon, on any beach you dance until sunset, there are also exciting boat parties or pool parties, such as the one organized by the Hard Rock Hotel. There are also naturalistic landscapes and numerous coves to be discovered on the less touristic sides of the island.

Ibiza manages to combine everything from fun to nature.

Lisbon and Porto, Portugal

Portugal is also an excellent destination for young people. In particular, Porto and Lisbon, the best known and most popular.

Lisbon is the perfect mix of ancient and modern, along the banks of the Tagus river, it is one of the least expensive European capitals. Here you will find nightlife, culture and relaxation, with its long sandy beaches.

The city streets, after sunset, are teeming with young people and among the most renowned discos, we have the Viking or the Clube Ferroviario which offers live concerts.

For a complete holiday, I suggest you also visit Porto, another pulsating heart of Portugal with its history and its food and wine heritage. The best months to visit this country are from April to September where the best weather conditions occur.

Travel ideas for young people around the world

If you want to go further and have greater financial availability, here are 5 destinations around the world that are definitely worth a visit.

Koh Pangan, Thailand

If you are looking for peace and tranquility this island is made for you. Between bays and wonderful beaches, the air you breathe here is simple. A succession of small fishing villages, with wooden huts and little more. Ideal if you are fond of snorkeling and diving or if you want to swim between the coral reef.

There is no lack of fun, however, at Hat rin, one of the most famous beaches of Koh Pangan, the Fullmoon Party takes place every month on the Full Moon, where international DJs perform all night and dance barefoot on the beach.

Cappadocia, Turkey

Literally, the “Land of the beautiful horses”, Cappadocia offers one of the most beautiful panoramas in the world. Canyons, towers, crevasses and rock villages.

Its cultural heritage is part of Unesco, with its geological conformation and its unique colors in the world. The most beautiful things to see here are: the open-air museum of Goreme, the paths of the “fairy chimneys” and the valley of the balloons, where you can treat yourself to a flight over the park of Goreme.

Cancùn, Mexico

Cancùn stands for wonderful beaches, resorts and Mayan ruins. Another ideal place to combine nature, history and fun.

Located on the Yucatan peninsula, this city is divided into two parts: the real heart and the hotel zone, the most touristic one.

Playa Tortuga and Playa Caracol are two of the most beautiful Mexican beaches there, perfect for water sports, having a good drink at sunset or dancing barefoot on the sand until late at night. Cancùn is, however, also full of history with its Maya Museum, the typical central market and meeting points from which excursions to the famous Mayan pyramids depart .

Marrakech, Morocco

If you don’t want to go too far you can choose Morocco, with its enchanting Marrakech. Once an imperial city in western Morocco, today a major tourist destination that attracts millions of visitors every year.

The Medina, the most important city, is a place of enormous historical and cultural interest, with its labyrinthine streets and typical souks (local markets). Here you can taste Arab food, lose yourself in the cloth , spices and pottery markets , visit the city’s fortresses and majestic mosques. There are many low cost flights that depart every day for this destination, at any time of the year.

California, United States

Finally, we have California. A young state par excellence, home to the biggest brands worldwide and the location of many television series that have marked our adolescence.

In California, there is everything! From the beaches where you can try your hand at surfing to the breathtaking landscapes of Death Valley, passing through the glitz of Las Vegas and the architectural beauty of San Francisco . Here life is more expensive than the other destinations mentioned but the amount of things to see and do is unmatched.

Have you found your destination for your next vacation?

I hope I have inspired and given you many ideas for your dream trip with your better half or with your friends.

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