A variety of student travel options

When it comes to supporting students and their travel to school, college and university there are a number of different options that are available. The choices that are available will depend very much on the age of the students as well as the distance that they need to travel. In some cases, specialised travel arrangements may need to be made for students who have disabilities or specific needs.

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Taxis – these are often popular with those students who need special care or that have mobility considerations. These taxis will pick the students up from their homes and will take them directly to their schools and then return them home at the end of the day.

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Buses – this is by far the most traditional form of transport that is used by those people looking to get students to their educational establishment. It is important that a School bus booking and management system, like the ones available from www.ofec.co.uk/web-and-software-development-services/school-bus-booking-and-management-system.aspx  to ensure that the buses are allocated to the right journeys and that the students can access the journeys that they need. In some cases, the only option available for a student may be to use a public bus, whereas in other cases a school bus may be the best option.

Own vehicle – for older students there may be a possibility that they can use their own vehicle to get to and from school, college or university. This will of course bring about the consideration of parking.