The most sociable and festive cities in the world


When traveling to all we like to go to sociable and festive cities, where we treat ourselves well and have a little party. Hostelworld has conducted a study called “Sociable Cities”, a comparative analysis of social life in different cities around the world. The results are quite surprising.

The study of Hostelworld is the first comparative study of social life in different cities around the world, analyzed the social behavior and attitudes of 12188 residents of 39 major cities in 28 countries. The study examines ten categories of sociability. Young travelers seek destinations that offer them a social and cultural experience.

The results of the study are quite striking. In the first place we have the city of Gothenburg (Sweden), followed by Stockholm, Chicago and Boston.

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Top 10 most sociable cities

  1. Gothenburg (Sweden)
  2. Stockholm (Sweden)
  3. Chicago (United States)
  4. Boston (United States)
  5. New York (USA)
  6. Copenhagen (Denmark)
  7. Madrid (Spain)
  8. Rome (Italy)
  9. Hamburg (Germany)
  10. Dublin (Ireland)

In order to identify the main destinations for social experiences, respondents were questioned about their attitudes towards different social situations, including socializing with friends, eating out and partying.

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Mini guide for travelers looking for social travel

Vibrant culinary scene: The cities that offer a very interesting gastronomic scene are: New York, Boston and Chicago.

Home environment: If you are looking for meals and home atmosphere the best cities are Copenhagen, Prague and Warsaw.

Liberal culture and open-mindedness: Interesting travelers to meet locals with an open mind should visit Milan, Rome and Hamburg

Festive atmosphere: The inhabitants of Moscow, Madrid and Gothenburg always find any excuse to party

Community spirit: Travelers interested in an environment and community spirit should visit Gothenburg, Copenhagen or Stockholm.

Madrid and Moscow are the two cities that Gothenburg, Jakarta, St. Petersburg, Seoul, Delhi and Barcelona in the affirmation “any excuse is good to leave”, follow most. In the studio, there are no cities like Paris, London or Berlin. Although the three cities have vibrant scenes, local residents do not socialize as often as in other global cities.

The 39 cities that have participated in this study are Gothenburg, Stockholm, Chicago, Boston, New York, Copenhagen, Madrid, Rome, Hamburg, Dublin, Toronto, Sydney, Paris, Baltimore, Warsaw, Helsinki, Vancouver, Milan, Berlin, Kuala Lumpur, London, Barcelona, Tokyo, Bangkok, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Jakarta, Johannesburg and Pretoria, Mexico City, Ankara, Rio de Janiero, Prague, Istanbul, Seoul, Mumbai, Delhi, Sao Paulo, Beijing, Shanghai.