Persuasive emails: The secrets of email marketing to seduce the reader

Persuasive emails

Do you have a list of contacts to which you send newsletters but never manage to send them persuasive emails ? Discover some simple and quick techniques to make the recipients of your emails ready to listen and welcome the message.

I am subscribed to a few newsletters. The rest ends all inexorably in my swollen spam folder. In which, however, sometimes there are also at least “original” things …

But I’m digressing …

I intended to point out how important it is to end up among the few emails that have survived the terrible scourge of “I read the email but I don’t click on it” or worse “I delete the email without even having read it”.

Writing persuasive emails, capable of conquering the reader, is the dream of all of us ordinary mortals. They made us believe that only a select few ascended in the Olympus of the DEM can call themselves writers / sellers / experts in email marketing so skilled as to turn every email into a warm contact.

What if I told you it’s not like that?

We point out; it’s not that anyone can do it. As you may have understood by reading my articles, I do not believe in magic pills, miracle cures and methods to earn twenty-twenty thousand euros per month in just 2 hours of your time.

I certainly believe in the effectiveness of the preparation; and I think the only “trick” that exists is “learn the trade”.

First of all if you will follow me to the end I will give you some advice cooked and eaten to make the recipients of your emails ready to listen and welcome the message.

In short, transforming promotional emails into persuasive emails is possible, and some are applying themselves to make this tool the key to their online business.

But let’s get to the point: what to do to ensure that the finger of the recipient (or his mouse) rests on that fateful link at the end of the message? Here are some of the most effective techniques …

Define your goal and communicate your message without words

Persuasive emails know what they want and go straight to the point. They immediately show the advantages and the added value that the reader will receive by clicking.

The list that receives them is led, paragraph after paragraph, towards the goal. No need to spend too many words, or to repay the reader with too much information: ban on word turns, make it clear what we are talking about, so you don’t sell anything illegal.

Write in first person

Even if you are the Galactic Mega director, you are certainly a person with a face, feelings, and a story. If you talk about yourself, you will make the relationship with the interlocutor more direct.

Use understandable and conversational language

Put yourself in the shoes of those who open your email, which is located right under “Subject:”. Wouldn’t you like your words to get confused with the accountant’s bureaucrat? Come on, the days of the “Dear Sir” are over.

Use grammatically correct language, without slang, without technicalities, a clear and colloquial style. Well come phrases like “What else?”, “Let me explain”, “What do you think?”

Write arousing emotions

Try to emotionally touch the reader. Give it a feeling immediately, an emotion.

Then come back down to earth and confirm what “you made us feel”, with concrete numbers and arguments.

Ask questions

Using questions and question marks increases the effectiveness of persuasive emails and also involves the most sleepy interlocutor. When a user reads a question, the little voice in his brain has the uncontrollable urge to answer. And once he has answered it is done, now you and the little voice in the brain of the reader are gruel and flesh.

Choose your words precisely

Avoid syntactic and grammatical errors, read, re-read and re-re-read before sending, because an “if I would” can make even the best e-mail expire in the ridiculous.

Use short sentences, avoid repetitions and excessive use of adverbs. Write using active verbs in which you or the reader are responsible for what happens, you are the undisputed actors of your life.

Don’t be boring!

Try to be sparkling, bewitching, use multisensory and evocative words. Otherwise, the reader may regret.

Use white spaces

Do not fill your emails with text so that a bunch of letters comes out close to each other, dense and symmetrical like a Civil Procedure tome. And believe me, I did jurisprudence, I know something about it: in the middle of the page the mind was already thinking about the big ass assistant of International Law.

Always go home when you have finished a concept; creates visual “detachments” from time to time going 2 times over; use titles  that break the text … even the eye wants its part.

And remember that the bullet list is your faithful ally!

These are the basic tips for writing excellent persuasive emails. If you apply them all you will already have excellent chances to hit the target and keep the reader’s attention alive until the end of the email.

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