The top reasons to use recycled pallets

Wooden pallets are often necessary in the packing and shipping of goods, and the storage of those goods in warehouses. By re-using good quality pallets, businesses and transportation companies can reduce costs and also help to protect the environment.

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There are a number of powerful reasons for recycling used pallet racking. In general, recycling packaging is a good thing, and wooden pallets are no exception.

Reduce fuel usage

Wood has been a versatile source of fuel for centuries, as well as being used in many industries. By using recycled pallets, production demands for new pallets can be controlled, and this in turn saves oil. Lower oil consumption reduces the need for oil exploration and drilling. Thinking ahead, with less oil drilling, the potential risk of oil spillage that could damage the oceans and many kinds of natural habitat for birds and animals will be reduced. Making the most of energy sources at hand offers many benefits.

Decrease the need for landfill areas

By reusing those pallets, transferring them to landfill areas could be avoided. This is a good thing, as landfill areas can take up a huge amount of space and be extremely unattractive. The space could then be used for housing, parks or recreation areas.

Cut down on the need for logging

Reusing old wooden pallets means fewer new pallets, so fewer trees need to be cut down to produce new pallets. Saving trees has so many advantages, from protecting oxygen producing forests, to safeguarding areas where plants and animals reside. The world needs as many trees as possible, and deforestation is a huge problem in some parts of the world, leading to drought and erosion of soil.

There are some other suggestions for what to do with used wooden pallets in this report on recycling from The Guardian.

If you’re wondering about options for used pallet racking, it would be a good idea to consult experts, such as

By recycling used pallets, this benefits the environment in many ways. There are so many reasons why recycling pallets is a good idea, and many people overlook these. Economically it makes a lot of sense too, as using what you already have at hand is certainly cheaper than going out to source new materials. Additionally, the planet will thank you for your efforts.