How to Add Longevity to Your Garage Door

Garage doors are used frequently, so it’s important to keep yours in a good state of repair. This will ensure it opens and closes when you need it and will extend the life of your garage door. In order to keep your door working efficiently for as long as possible, we’ve put together some tips on taking care of it.

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There are some simple yet effective ways that you can keep your garage door operating correctly, and this will also save you money on repair bills. If you do need some work carrying out that you can’t do yourself, it’s always best to use a company that specialises in London garage door repairs so you know they’re right for the job.

Good-quality garages can add to your property, whether you decide to use it for your car, as additional storage space or as an extra room. If you don’t already have one, building a garage can increase the value of a house by up to 11%.


One of the quickest and cheapest ways to keep your garage door in a good working order is to ensure the springs, hinges and rollers are well lubricated. You should do this about every three months to allow it to open and close smoothly.

Reduce Rust

Steel is a common choice for new garage doors and is often recommended by those that carry out London garage door repairs, such as, because it is cost-effective, low-maintenance and durable and comes in a variety of styles.

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Rust can be one of the biggest problems for metal garage doors, but there are ways that you can prevent it. You can clean off any grime by washing aluminium and steel garage doors on both sides with a solution of mild detergent and then use clean water to rinse it thoroughly. In order to protect the door from weather conditions, you can apply car wax to it.

Staining and Painting

Once you’ve removed any rust and treated your garage door, you can choose to stain or paint it using a range of colours and finishes. For instance, you can use a wood effect to create a traditional finish to your garage or go for a bold colour to give the exterior of your home a feature that stands out.