Embrace Your Inner Cowgirl With These Hot Fashion Items

Cowgirl fashion is hot on the runways these days. We are not talking about down-home-on-the-range cowgirl outfits, but modern and chic western-inspired clothing and accessories to help bring out your inner cowgirl. Keep it simple, add a touch of western here and there, and you will be looking quite trendy!


Photo via Flickr by cote

Hats are essential! There are many styles of cowboy hats, and they are made with different material. Felt, straw, and leather are the main types of material that you will find. Felt hats are made from 100 percent wool and are great for fall and winter. Leather hats are fitting for all seasons and come in huge variety of colors and styles. A leather cowgirl hat always makes a bold statement. Straw hats are essential for summer. Gently dip them in water, and you can keep your head cool. Fashion up any hat with a hatband. From leather bands studded with silver conchas, to lace and beadwork, hatbands are a cowgirl’s best friend.


Cowgirl boots go with any outfit, any season, and for any occasion. They can be worn with short skirts for a cute look or long dresses for an elegant look. Tuck your skinny jeans into a pair of cowboy boots for a racy look. You can even wear cowboy boots with a wedding dress! They are that versatile. Cowboy boots, such as a pair of Ariat boots from Russells’s, Western Wear, are not only stylish but comfortable and durable as well.



Snap shirts are an essential item for a cowgirl look. They can have elaborate embroidery, stitching, and rhinestones, or be as simple as pure white. It is also a cowgirl wardrobe essential to have at least one plaid shirt. The color combinations can be low-key, such as a classic red and black, to plaid mixtures that combine several vibrant colors. Find shirts that have added embellishments, such as lace or pearl covered buttons.


Jeans are the core of a cowgirl-inspired look. For a western look, always choose snug boot-cut style or wear a pair of snug straight-legged jeans tucked into your boots. Cute, cut-off denim jeans are super fun to wear to a summer music festival.


Denim jackets can really tie a cowgirl outfit together. Nothing says western style more than a classic denim jacket. Cropped denim jackets look adorable worn over a long white shirt and paired with designer jeans. For added pizazz, find a denim jacket that has a bit of plaid or bandana print along the collar or pocket, or try a suede leather jacket with fringe. Don’t overdo the fringe though!


Accessories pull any outfit together, and this is absolutely true when it comes to creating a cowgirl-inspired theme. Turquoise jewelry, silver rings, or long feathered or beaded earrings look stunning with a cowgirl outfit. A leather belt with a big silver buckle is a must for that rodeo look, and a black leather belt with silver conchas looks elegant. Silk scarves designed with Native American motifs can be worn around your neck to create a Boho-chic cowgirl look. Just remember— always, always, always accessorize!

Cowgirl fashion has never gone out of style; it is just more modern today. Put together carefully, western-inspired fashion can be worn anytime and anywhere!